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My star struck night

I ‘deshied’ myself yesterday night. My friend Yemi invited me to a Lagos state event to mark the international Women’s day. As per I came to Naija to get government involvement in my work with women, I tagged along. I did not need any persuasion especially as the commissioner for women’s affairs was going to be there. The Commissioner, the first lady of Lagos State, Mrs Ambode, the former first lady, Mrs Tinubu were also there when I got there.


Mrs Tinubu gave a rousi;ng speech on the need for more women in politics and how we are not proportionately represented in legislation. Na im my head come de swell like yeah! I can do this! I can be a senator! Lol. Anyway, after the speeches was item nunber 7 – menu menu menu. After the dinner was dancing time. Mrs Ambode, Mrs Tinubu, the Finnish ambassador, Mrs Folawiyo and some others got on the dance floor. Actually, it was Mrs Ambode’s dance but the other ladles followed her as it is done when someone is called out to dance. People close to them follow them to the dance floor to honour them. Usually, to ‘spray’ them. But no spraying was done yesterday sha. As per official tinz, not owambe tinz. And I think the police has also banned spraying at parties too.


Anyway, as Mrs T was dancing, I told my friend that I would REALLY love to talk to Mrs T. Yemi egged me on to go and talk to her while reminding me of what I came to Naija for. I crept up to Mrs T from behind. Let’s just say I will not be repeating something silly like that soon. So, when Yemi once again egged me on to go and speak to the deputy governor as she was the only person on the high table, I told her say I no do. I no fit take ‘deshie’ twice in a row.


Anyway, Stephanie Linus was also there. A short clip of her marvelous film,’Dry’ was shown. Stephanie arrived late to give a short speech. And as per I love Stephanie, I thought it would be nice to let her know I admire her work. She was gracious but distracted so, I quickly asked my friend to take a picture of us. You can see the disastrous result. I took a picture with the back of Stephanie Linus’ head. Lol.


Anyway, today, I am at Alausa. Waiting to see officials at the ministry of women affairs and poverty alleviation WAPA. And I am off to see some indigent women later today at the invitation of a NGO who teaches them vocational skills.


Busy busy busy!