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On FGM… the clitoris is just one way of orgasm. Nipple orgasm dey, G spot orgasm dey. The biggest sexual organ is the mind. Don’t defile your daughters I beg you. FGM does NOT curb promiscuity. It only dehimanises a girl.

Mothers who support this, please think – when your husband sucks and touches your boobs real good, do you not enjoy it? You know you don’t need your clitoris to enjoy a good breast handling. If you want to be honest, you will admit that if a skilled man handles your boobs, you could orgasm from it. Also, if a skilled man handles your G spot, you would quite likely orgasm from it.

If an unskilled man handles an uncircumcised clitoris, nothing will happen. No orgasm. Nothing.

Please don’t do it. I am not circumcised but I stand against the dehumanisation of women especially by fellow women in the name of female circumcision. It is abuse of the girl child.

Please dont mutilate your little girls. I beg you. Please.

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  1. Am against female circumcision !!! The bible never mentioned of it. Only men should be circumcised!! Mothers leave your girl’s clitoris

  2. Could this be the reason I don’t enjoy sex…. Oh noooo…. What should I do? I’m a victim of female circumcision…

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