On bo:o’bs and bakassi

On my first date with lawyerman, I wore skinny jeans, a small silk blouse and high heels. I was a size 14/16 and I knew I looked hot. Mesef, I was feeling myself. Lawyerman would later tell me that on that first day, walking behind me while I walked ahead, he fell in lust with me. The falling in love happened later. But that day, he said that the hot feelings coursing through me that day made him determined to have this babe.


I have a sizeable derr;ier’e you see.


But what is it with men and bakassi? Hands up to anyone who took molue as a form of transportation when they were younger. Remember those men that will be ‘ledi mo e’? – gum their g;ro’ins to your back. And no matter how much you moved around in that tight molue, 69 sitting, 99 standing, the men would still find a way to move around too so that their groin would still be next to your bakassi? What is it with men and bakassi?


If I was a man, I would NEVER date a woman like me. I would be into b”oob;s. The female form is just so… sensual and beautiful. And the b”oo;bs are the koko of this sensuality. If I was a man, I would be a baby. Just breast-feeding. Shikena.


I don’t get the attraction to bakassi. Honestly, I don’t. Lawyerman has tried to tell me what the effect on a man is… seeing his woman’s de;rriere’ walking ahead of you. Or seeing his woman’s d;errier’e in the other room, touching her toes…


I still don’t get it. Give me two globes of succulent bliss. I would take that over two bakassi. Anytime.