Lawyerman is scared

The trials of a trainee lawyerwoman aka Lawyerman is scared of competition.

After Tobi went to school this morning, I managed to tear myself away from my bae Samsung phone camera and quickly do some work on Lawyerman’s laptop while he was in the bath, before he leaves for work. My laptop is broken at the moment. I thought I’d quickly do some work on my project as I am seeing my supervisor today. Mek my supervisor no tink say my head dey empty. So, I am working furiously away on lappie when Lawyerman comes to the room. Please view this.

Lawyerman to me: Oya. Wa para fun mi. – Oya come and oil my body for me.

Me to him : Ohhh! Tunde! O tun de o! O sha ri wipe mo’n sise. – Ohhh Tunde! You have come again o! You can see that I am working na.

Lawyerman : O really? But you have time to be blowing kisses on Facebook?

Me to him: Shaybi that was when Tobi was getting ready for school and I was supervising him. As soon as he left, I put the phone down and I have been working on the lappie.

He finishes oiling his body and comes and starts romancing me.

Me to him : Ohhhh Tunde! Stop it. O sa ri wipe mo’n sise! – You can see I’m working.

Lawyerman to me : O’n yoh. Se O mo iyawo melo ni o ma fe ki oko won fi owo pa won lara? You are spoilt. Do you know how many wives would be glad to have their husbands touch them? (He always says this. SMH. KMT).

Me to him : Ayo ni wipe ki oko mi ti o je Lawyer so fun mi wipe, baby mi, ma worry. Ma’a se gbogbo assignment ati project work ti won ma fun e titi o ma fi graduate. – Joy is my lawyer husband saying to me ‘ my baby, don’t worry. I will do all your assignments and project work for you till you graduate.


Me to him : AGBAYA!!! Just gerrarahia.

I have been ruminating and meditating over this thing in my mind. Lawyerman is ‘aiye’ – world people. Shaybi I was jejeli sitting down on my own, marinating in the thoughts of wanting to be a lawyer for more than 30 years? Shaybi I was content to just be wistful about how brilliant a lawyer I would make? Shabi he was the one who gingered my swagger and said why don’t I go and study Law? And when I came up with a lot of excuses why I can’t do it, shaybi he was the one who gave me the confidence to go and do it, saying things like ‘ you are briiliant Bunmi’ and things like ‘you underestimate yourself Bunmi’

But he won’t help me achieve this dream? He must be scared of the potential competition of me being a Lawyerwoman.


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  1. “He must be scared of competion from you being a lawyerwoman”

    Erm! Madam, is that your final ansa?

  2. Hnm! I think I need to talk to lawyer man to help you achieve your goal!

  3. In short, he should not try to take up a client against yours ooo, obviously u will beat him hands down in court😀

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