Twin Girls

I am having twin girls?

I am having twin girls?


My late mother told us that she originally planned to have only 3 children but when the three were all girls, she decided to try for a fourth one, then, a fifth, then a sixth, then a seventh. The she resigned herself to not having boys. I am the eldest surviving child. My elder daughter, Sola, died as a lil child so, I became the ‘first’ born by being bumped up. So, we were six girls after Sola, my elder sister died. Later on, Seun also died at the age of 31. Three of my junior sisters, Seun included got married before me and Yemisi, my immediate younger one and Seun, her immediate junior one, had children before me. Their children are girls. We just kind of grew used to only being girls. I also assumed that when I gave birth, I would give birth to a girl just like my mum and sisters. But this is the weird thing – whenever I dreamt that I had a baby, in my dreams, it would ALWAYS be a baby boy. That was at odds with my expectation of having a girl just as others have had. Then, just before I got pregnant, Seun dreamt that I would have a baby boy. Lo and behold my surprise when I got pregnant and went for the antenatal where they would check the sex and they told me it was a boy. I had to ask them to check again. They told me it was easier to mistake a boy for a girl if they did not see the genitalia but it was rare to mistake a boy for girl as they defo saw something. So, I gave birth to my baby boy.


Ever since I gave birth to my son, whenever I dream that I gave birth, it is ALWAYS a girl. Funny right? I have been trying to conceive for about 7 years and have just about given up as I am now nearing menopause but the dream persists. EVERYTIME that I dream that I gave birth, it is a girl. I am in my late 40s now and by now, most women have closed shop of child bearin, either voluntarily or not. Is there still a chance for me? A few weeks ago, I dreamt that I went to visit my Facebook friend, Tonia and she brought out the creamy crack and retouched my hair! My hair that I have been growing as natural! I woke up with a sense of ‘what have I gone and done now? I have gone and retouched my hair!’. I did a post on that dream and someone interpreted it for me saying that meant that I was going to give birth to a baby girl. Hmm… then, I think someone else said it would be twin girls. I just shrugged it away though I was slightly intrigued that I, who have been dreaming that I will have a baby girl was also told that my dream interpreted to me having a set of twin girls. Then, yesterday, another friend told me she dreamt that I gave birth to a set of twins. WOW.


I hope these dreams come to be. But more than that, I pray that God keeps the ones he has blessed me with. Drinsola, my gift from my sister, Tobi, and Erii, my gift by marriage. I pray that the(se) child(ren) will not be given to replace another one(s). Anyway, Yorubas say the mother of a child is not barren.

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  1. Let it be to you according to the desires of your heart in accordance to God’s plan for you Iya ibeji…

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