Career aspirations (from my archives)

I am in conflict. Between my default African mentality and my Christian and adopted Western mentality.

This is the cause of my conflict. Every teacher that has taught Tobi (even from deferent schools) say the same thing about him. That he is intelligent, quick witted, witty. He is the school clown and leads the other children in escapades. He writes the most brilliant essays. They say because of his comic character, he will make a great actor or comedian. I smile and nod when they say this but inwardly, I am thinking ‘I reject that in Jesus name. He is going to be a lawyer’.

The problem is that I remember how my dad forced me to do the sciences when I was such an arts student. He wanted me to study Medicine. Because of this, I lost a year in secondary school – yes I repeated a class. Whatever. Thankfully, we had new Chemistry and Biology teachers that were fantastic and brought the subjects alive for me. (Thank you Mr Adeniran). So, I got A2 in both subjects but F9 in Maths and P8 in Physics. What a useless combination.

I wanted to be a journalist but this was around the time of decree number 4. My dad asked me if I had a death wish for him when in response to his question about my career aspiration, I told him Journalism. I think I would have made a great journalist as I have a natural flair for gbeborun.

The African in me wants Tobi to be a lawyer. And Derin to be an accountant like her late mum. Erii, I don’t know yet. Maybe lawyer too. I want to be called Mummy Lawyer. But the Christian and Western person in me just wants my kids to be happy. And fulfilled and successful in whatever they decide to do.

My prayer for my children Aderinsola, Oluwatobi and Eriifeoluwa, my nieces and nephews, my godchildren and for all your children is that they live purposeful lives. That the purposes they were created for will be achieved by them. That they will not depart from these purposes. That whatever they do, they will be the ‘go to’ people in that profession. That they will flourish and touch lives. That their lives will be practical testimonies of God’s greatness. That people will see them and because of them worship the God that they worship.

And of course that they will be stupendously rich. I am still African after all.

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  1. Everyone thought I should be a lawyer, my dad disagreed as I was so good in sciences. I later read medical biochemistry. Plot twist : I enjoy teaching and plan to do something along that line. (its brewing in my mind). Like you said, let’s all just fulfil God’s purpose for our lives.

  2. Thank you for your prayers and a BIG AMEN to that…
    The thing is that African mentality has been embedded into us that no matter how much exposure we have we still think like our Forefathers….The moment a woman has a child right there in her mind without sharing it with even her husband she already has a career ready for her baby.
    Along the line things do change for some of the kids that are persistent in what they want otherwise the parents wishes materialise.
    May God bless them all in their chosen career.

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