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Lethargy! Lethargy!! Lethargy!!!

I am battling lethargy. I went out for the first time in about 10 days yesterday. Since the op, I have just been tired tired tired. Sleeping like say dem mix egg inside my stomach. So, yesterday, I told Lawyerman, take me out for a meal please. And not Nigerian or Chinese. I want Italian or a pub lunch. For some reason, I really wanted to go to Carluccio’s. I felt like having something with pesto but as I don’t drive, I had to make do with what Lawyerman can eat too. Lawyerman is NOT adventurous with food like me. Naija. Chinese. Burger. That is the whole repertoire of his taste. He kinda reminds me of when I first came to live in the UK. I could not eat anything that did not at least have a semblance of Naija look to it. So, if I was eating rice, it had to have with it a sauce that had tomatoes and onions and preferably also peppers in it. It had to look red. I could NEVER have been able to eat pesto in those days. This one that I am now cr’aving pesto. I also could not eat cheesecake in those days. Infact, I could not eat cheese. End of. My mum and my sister Yemisi loved cheese and they used to snack on it when I was a child but I never could. Later, in Nigeria, I was able to eat cheese if it was melted in burger or omelette. But I still can’t eat cold cheese. Tobi and Erii snack on cheese. I can’t. So, cheese cake? Carrot cake? Courgette cake? I was horrified when I heard those names when I was doing my masters. But now, I eat them. And with relish too!

So, this lethargy thing, I taya. I just don’t want to get out of bed. And it’s not the one of depression o. I am not depressed. I am just really tired. School started a couple of weeks ago and I have not attended a single lecture. I passed Land law and I am now in my final year. My colleagues have submitted their proposals for their dissertation and I have not even started mine. I hope the school gives me extra time though. I want to write my project on Criminal law. Maybe around how relig’ion aids crime. In the case of preachers who steal money of the congregation and preachers who preach hatred and terrorism. But a part of me feels like this is too juvenile. What do I know about Law? The person who knows about Law in the house is not my favourite person right now. And I suspect that mesef, I am not his favourite person at the moment.  We are doing ‘gbonku gbonku’ – giving the cold shoulder to each other at the moment.

I am toying with the idea of going away. Just me. I thought I was going to go to India in March to study some courses that I want to set a business up on. But turns out if you need to be in India for more than a month, it takes about 6 weeks to process the visa. And now, they are getting into the Monsoon season and it’s not advisable to visit now, till later in the year when their Monsoon season ends. Maybe I will just go to France. Or Spain. I would love to go to Barcelona again and this time, really explore the old quarters which I did not get to do when I went with Lawyerman and Tobi. They were just interested in the Camp Nou and the modern bits of Barcelona. Old buildings fascinate me. Or North Africa… Algiers… Marrakech.  North Africa fascinates me. I would love to soak up the colours of North Africa and the food too. Tangines… Stay in a Kasbah…Visit the souks…

Kasbah tinz

Kasbah tinz

When I asked Lawyerman some years ago if we could visit North Africa, he was like WHAT? North kini? Have you not heard of Arab spring? No. Let’s go to Germany or Netherlands. Lawyerman was doing an alphabetical tour of Europe. I made him stop at D. He wanted to go to Dusseldorf. I said we are going to Devon. So, Devon it was. And he has been longing to continue with his alphabetical tour. Thing is this – Lawyerman is a family man. He cannot imagine going on holidays without me and Tobi. I don’t mind him going on his alpha-tour on his own but he does not see himself doing it alone. While, me, hmmm… I can imagine myself very much on my own in any place. Like India. At first, he was like ‘India ke? The rape capital of the world’? NO! Kai… the thing pained me. But ‘submissive(?) wife that I was, after crying and begging and him still saying NO, I kukuma just put my Indian dreams aside. Till recently, when the dream woke up again. I HAD TO GO TO INDIA!!! He asked his friend, who had worked in India to talk to me. I think he thought the guy would say not to go. I certainly thought so too, cos I got defensive immediately. The guy asked what part of India I wanted to go to. I said Goa.  ‘FANTASTIC!’ he said. That is a lovely seaside part of India –  the Portuguese part. Mesef, I knew this. I had read up on the area. The guy assured us it was a good idea to go. So, I was planning to go to India in March. Till I found out about the visa procedure.









So, there, I am going to be veeeery busy now as I do my classwork, coursework, project, moots and exams. I may not blog or Facebook regularly for some time. I hope to leave with a 2:1. Hopefully, not the dreaded Tutu. But if I do end up with a Tutu, dreaded or not, I shall still be grateful.

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  1. Sis mi of laive, you keep me wanting more each time I read a piece from you, infact e dey do me like say I dey inside the film sef, just like when I read novels. Abeg no go too far o make hunger no catch we eyes. While at it plix greet me uncle ATI awon bros T”. All the best with acada, I trust you say na first class you go make but if na tuwan I know say na strong Tuwan. Much love sis and speedy healing too in Jesus name. Love you

  2. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog which I find very interesting and refreshing. Still can’t get over your fence jumper post.

    I’ve also read your posts elsewhere too and I must confess you inspire me. Wish you all the best in your aspirations.

  3. Best of luck!!!! We are rooting for you…I’d definitely miss you on social media.do quick and come back sha

  4. Great to have you back in better health. And well done on your land law result, ko easy mehn. Biko take me to Goa.

  5. Sis Bunmi, wish you well in your pursuit of greatness! I will miss you though..especially on Facebook, will miss my dose of Nigerianisation of Tobi…lol @ “I can imagine myself very much on my own in any place.”
    I’m not sure I can though…lol… missing you already.. glad to read you are feeling better though…the lethargic feeling will pass.

  6. Eeyah big sis,try and shake t off.I wish u all d best in ur exams even if its tutu or tuwan.I hope u eventually go on traveling gig but abeg be security conscious o,olorun a ma showa oo.Don’t keep away for too long,I wl miss u and ur write ups.God bless!

  7. Awww,so no India for now..
    Thought I ll get to see this wonderful soul..
    Yea,the Monsoon is not a good time for visitors… Hope to see u soon thou.
    And best wishes in the coming exams!!

    1. Yes, Bukola, unfortunately, I have now had to move it forward. I will update you later sha. Namaste.

  8. lƠ͡Ơ͡l. Sorry about the lethargy. At least I’m hoping youre no longer in pain. But no excuse for having a Tutu, with dada or no dada. Goa with a friend

  9. I wish you the very best in your academic pursuit . Keep soaring but don’t abandon us for too long . Come to New Jersey sometime in the nearest future ..

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