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Tobi’s new love for branded clothes

This boy no dey gree take pikshors again. Hian! Bigz boiz tinz. I had to force him to take this picture.

And, he is now into ‘branded’ clothes. No more Next, M&S, Hennes, Primark again, Zara or Gap. Now it has to be ‘branded’. Tobi that before, Lawyerman had to force to follow him to buy new clothes before? He was just not interested in clothes. He could wear a pair of trozeez till it became a pair of shorts and he still would not throw them away to get new ones.

That was how last week o, I went to the mall to repair Derin’s iphone. I said let me branch levi’s shop and buy Tobi a pair of Levi’s jeans. As per ‘branded’ na. I told the sales lady that Tobi has an extremely tiny waist and very long legs so buying trousers for him is tricky. To accommodate his tiny waist, the leg lenght would be short. To accommodate his long legs, the waist would be too big. I asked for their smallest waist. 27″ she said. As she brought the jeans out, na im I come see the price tag. £85. 85 POUNDS! Lori kini? On top wetin? Please. ‘I think it is better that he comes with me so that he can try it on’ I quickly told the sales lady and rushly left the shop.

Anyway, Tobi went clothes shopping on his own from the money that I have been transfering to his account everytime he does the dishes … cleans the bathroom… etc.

He came back with this T-shirt. £20. £20 that would buy 5 Tees from Hennes.

Dilemma of the parent of a teenager. And na so e go kontinu till when he starts working and making his own money. But knowing me, I suspect that even when he is working and making his own money, I will still be buying clothes or him. Hopefully, he will buy more for himself. And also buy for me.