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Tobi get two hours of private lessons in Maths ( a weak subject of his) and Science, every Saturday from 10.30 to 12.30 ON Saturdays. Lawyerman went to pick  Erii. Tobi wakes up around 9.30am and screamed ‘Mum! I am in pain!’

I rushed to his room.


Tobi to me (groaning) : I am in so much pain Mum.

Me to him : Oh my baby! What’s wrong?

Tobi : My left leg. It hurts.

Me : How exactly?

Tobi : It really hurts mum. I can’t stretch it, I can’t move it. He tenderly touches his left calf.

Me : Ah. It must be muscle pull. How long have you have it? I reached out to touch his calf.

Tobi : No mum! Don’t touch it. It REALLY hurts. I have had it since I woke up about 30 minutes ago.

Me : Ah. Let me get you some milk and Paracetamol before the lesson teacher arrives. I can’t cancel the lesson.

As soon as I say this, Tobi starts sobbing. Plump tears plop down his eyes to the pillows. And Tobi has big eyes. He started sobbing gaani o. Please cancel it he begs. I tell him that shabi the lesson is downstairs, it is not like he needs to journey for the lesson. He pleaded with me to please cancel the lesson as he was in a lot of pain so, I told him ok. I would cancel it. I went to my room to make the call to Dr Osa, the lesson teacher. He says no problem, we will cancel. But as I was talking to Dr Osa, My African voice was talking to my Britiko voice in my head.

African voice: heeeey! ROTFL. Are you not D. I’s daughter?

Britiko voice : yes. So?

AV : Would D.I have cancelled a lesson teacher coming to teach you even if you were walking in the valley of the shadow of death?

BV : Go away.


So, I said to Dr Osa, perhaps, we could reschedule? He said he would see if he could move a few things round and call me back. Then, I went to Tobi’s room and told him that I had called Dr Osa. Immediately, Tobi brings out his phone and starts playing with it. Dr Osa called back about 15 mins later to say that he could come at 1pm. I tell Tobi this and suddenly, BAM! Just like that, he falls ill again. And starts crying again. This time, I did not even mind him. When he saw that I did not send him, he went back to sleep. I woke him up at noon to get ready for his 1pm lesson and Tobi asked me to make him breakfast since he is not feeling well and can’t make his usual breakfast of cereal. Ok. What do you want? I asked.

Bread and beans and bacon and sausages he said. Tobi is a veeeery light eater o. Veeeery light eater that can’t even finish ordinary 2 slices of toast. Sarcastically I asked, what about egg? Yes. And eggs too please. Tobi, I was being sarcastic. Well, he said, since you asked, please make me eggs too.


Isokay. Ba kumi. You will still do the lesson sogbo?

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  1. Tobi oooooo ….He always always has mama size……Shebi ubcan call lesson teacher abi, biko make the heavy meal abeg.

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