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Eyebrow shaving is a rite of passage

Tobi went to his friend’s for a few days and came back yesterday with said friend and another friend. The three of them, Tobi, Mounashey and Ibbi are like the three musketeers. They have one or two other friends, Rys and Max but those ones are Oyinbo and Max has never done home visits. Max has been for a sleepover once and he thoroughly enjoyed the jollof rice I made them. So, the three musketeers are downstairs now. I was in the kitchen making them coconut rice when I noticed something on Tobi. He had done that thing of shaving thin lines on the eyebrow. Jesus is Lord! My shest is paining! This thing that I see teenagers doing and inwardly shake my head, thinking what was this one’s mother looking at when her son was doing this’ has happened to me. The chicken nas come home to roost. Or as they say in Nollywood, the chicken has come home to roast. If you saw how I screamed ehn? I called his friends to see their eyebrows. Ibbi had not done his own, he said to me ‘Aunty, I am the good one of all of them’ (that one knows how to suck up wella but I like him still). Mounashey had done his own. I asked him what his mum said when she saw it and he said she did not mind. I suspect that boy. Mounashey’s mum is strict!

I was freaking out o! I was freaking out proper! Then, I heard a voice whisper in my brain ‘agba wa bura, pe ewe o shey e ri’ – old woman, coman swear that you were never a youth. I had done the eyebrow shaving thing too! Yess! At the same age of 13. It was like ‘deja vous all over again’. I was back at our bathroom at Ire-Akari estate. I had just finished shaving one eyebrow, my left eyebrow to be precise when my mum came in to the bathroom. Naija parents did not knock in those days. They just entered wherever they wanted to enter. Actually, let me not lie. My dad used to knock and not just knock but actually wait for us to tell him to enter before entering. We were 6 girls you see. But my mum, did not use to knock o. She would just enter. Shikena.

So, she came to the bathroom, and saw me with a razor blade in my hand and one eyebrow off. In my defence, I did not start with the intention of shaving my eyebrows off. I started with the intention of shaping it but somehow, shaping turned to shaving. My mum beat? Pasa out of me. So, I was walking around for weeks with one eyebrow. Lol. Till it grew back. For the longest time, I blamed that incidence for the fact that my eyebrows are more like cousins than sisters. My left eyebrow is scantier than my right eyebrow but, now, I know that no one has completely symmetrical eyebrows. One is winged while the other is arched or curved. My right brow is winged while my left one is arched or curved.


So, another rite of passage done by Tobi. The shaping/shaving of the eyebrow.

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