Tobi Being Cuddled To Sleep.
Tobi being cuddled to sleep.

Embarrassing teen – parent relationships

We ran out of bread this morning and Lawyerman wanted toast so, I decided that I would leave the house with Tobi when he was going to school. I would go to the cornershop while he went on to the bus stop to get the school bus. Anyway, I changed my mind and feeling all very ‘oh I love this my child so much’, I decided to go and hang out with him at the bus stop pending when the school bus arrived. I crept up to him and touched his shoulders from behind. He turned and saw me and he was oh so embarrassed! Please note that there was no one from his school at the bus stop o. The other children there were waiting for their own school bus so, it was not like he was with friend o. He was just standing there on his own but he kept on shushing me away like I was a stray Bingo following around. I refused to go sha and waited till the school bus came for him. Tobi, he refused to talk to me o. He stood there like he did not know me when I refused to go away. See this boy o… hmmm… being all grown up when he feels like and at that same time, he no dey joke with being cuddled to sleep.


On my way home after buying the bread, my mind went back to when I was in Uni and my mum would come to visit me in school. I used to be oh so embarrassed that my mum was still coming to visit me. And my mum, she always came to visit on a Thursday and go back on a Monday, thereby finishing my weekend for me. She would come laden with different foods. In excess so that my friends could eat. Stewed crabs were my favourite. And fried prawns… koret obe dinidin – fried stew and my friends would camp in my room and eat till their bellies were at bursting point. If you did not school in a Naija Uni, you would not understand ehn. When students in a Naija Uni saw free food, the way they would so GREEDILY eat ehn? You go fear. Because they do not know when they would be able to see good food like that again before they went home. The next day, they would be back to groundnut and garri. If they still had a bit of money, maybe they could have kose and doya (fried yam and akara). Or if they were extremely lucky and had a toaster from town, suya and bread. Anyway, I digress. They would eat and eat and eat then, they would jist with my mum a bit and then go to their rooms to prepare for parties that I would not be able to go because I would have to go and camp with my mum in her hotel in town for the whole weekend. You did not think my mum would stay in the hostel, did you? Kai, but I hated my mum coming to visit me. It was so embarrassing!


My friend, Ade told us of this funny story of when she was in primary school and her mum had told he that she was buying a new car and would be picking her up in school that day in the new school. Ah the excitement! Ade had told her friends that her mum was going to pick her up in her brand-new car and she was almost bursting with excitement. Anyway, the school day ended and they all went to stand by the gate to await the new car. In the distance, a Volkswagen beetle was approaching and Ade started making fun of the small car. She called the car ‘dekumagolo’ -covering a rat in a tin. And her friend all burst out laughing. My friend Ade is a very hilarious girl you see. She must have spoken about the car in her unique style that is always guaranteed to have the listener in stiches. They were al still rolling on the floor laughing when the car got to where they were. Guess who was driving this car? Lol. Ade said that she felt like the ground should just open and swallow her. Oh the shame! She refused to get in o. Her mum pulled her by the ear into the car. Double mortification. Lol.


Ade and her mum are now best of friends now. Which makes me nostalgic for my mum. I am sure we would be very close now if she was still alive.

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  1. Ooh.. I missed my Mummy forever, I never have this kind of fun with my mother.

    I was too small when she died… Ooh anytime I remember her I will just be crying.

    I don’t think I can recognize her picture again

    Our mother are the best!

    Thanks for this ma

  2. Awww!!! This is so cute! Tobi being embarrassed to have you wait with him at the bus stop.
    My Gosh! Should i start preparing for this?! I have 2 little boys-3yrs and 7months…
    Well, in the meantime I’ll continue enjoying the wet kisses, big hugs and “I love you mummy”s 😊

  3. Hehehehe the part where you said Tobi kept on shushing you away like a bingo following him around got me laughing,the boy is just too smart,may he always be a source joy to you

  4. Mothers and children, there is always this strong bond. It is good to loosen the bond as they grow older but do not drop the bond. Like a kind of guided freedom. So they don’t feel we are chocking them. My almost six year old daughter also complains of me not telling her everything all the time by saying, “I know, don’t tell me”. Anyway it is fun to be a mother. God bless all mothers. We will reap the fruit of our labour in good health.

  5. Lol. Omg!
    This made me remember when I went to write my first post utme in Akure, My mom insisted on going with me.
    When we got to the park we met several young people like myself without their parents … Hay God.. I wanted to cry.
    The journey started and the bus was so much fun with do much interactions going on but there I was with my mom with my frowned face. I didn’t even talk to her till the end of the Journey.

  6. Lol, very funny. The other part I have seen to this wasn’t so funny. One of my roommates in my first year in uni used to form like ajebutter even though her razzness was in her like Peak milk lol. The day her mum brought yam and garri for her, they announced her name at the porter’s lodge. You need to have seen how she rushed down and some us used style to follow and do aproko. She shouted at the poor woman: ‘what are you doing here. Oya, go.’ She even refused to collect the items. The hurt in her mother’s eyes squeezed my heart.

    N.B: Can you replace the comment widget directly under the post? I almost thought there was no commenting space because the related posts took much space.

  7. I have 2 young ones and not looking forward to when they would not want my kisses lol. Not sure if this is more common with boys than girls. But can see my 5 Year old daughter being shy when I kiss her in school lol.

  8. Aunty Bunmiiiiii, you we not kee pelzin O. If I were Ade, I will tell my Mum that I will always find my way home, she shouldn’t come with her “yerinbeto” to my school.

  9. I can imagine Tobi trying to shuu you off as you were been the loving mum but he must have seen you as trying to spoil his rep on a Monday morning, I remember when my son just reached teenage hood and I would try to hold his hand when we wanted to cross the road, he would drop my hand so fast like it had fire in it and give me this weird look!!

  10. Thank you for sharing, ma. I am quite the opposite, I am always looking forward to my mom’s visits when I was in the uni. Now that she is miles away, I miss her so much

  11. This cracked me up so much lool… the things we did as teenagers, now our kids do the same lol

  12. I can so relate…my First Son 12yrs and He wont allow me touch or hug him in public…he says he is a grown boy now. lol
    I usually peck them all when i get to school,but he wont allow me anymore….I have my plans sha,i would go when i am not expected and kiss him in Class….not on the corridor o. class gangan.

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