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Finding Peace

I first got a message in my inbox that Linda Ikeji had carried my Facebook post about how Tobi and His sister met up. I put that post up to encourage women to find peace with each other. I did not put that post up for money but for encouragement, I really did not know that it would go viral like that! But I am glad the message is being spread! A few other sites carried it after Linda. So, here it is. I am owning my own story.

Mo Abatan and I hung out yesterday with our kids who happen to be siblings. I met Seyifunmi when she was around 5 or so… and even then, her dad was not taking his responsibilities up with her. Every birthday card or gift was by me. Every visit to her was at my insistence.

Mo and I remained friends and talk on the phone from time to time. She is a good person and an amazing friend. Even after I left Dafe, we still kept in touch. We determined that the two siblings would not turn out irresponsible like their Dad. Seyifunmi and Tobi met maybe once on one of the rare occasions that their father agreed to have them spend holidays with him.
Dupe and I have been planning that the kids should hang out more and yesterday, we made it happen.

But this is the thing – even though there is very little physical resemblance, (Seyifunmi is Dafe’s spitting image and Tobi is Jopa’s spitting image), their bahaviours are very similar! Both are very body conscious. They watch what they eat and are very slim and both have very quick comebacks to anything you say to them. Lol. The body image, maybe they get it from Dafe who is quite vain but the intelligence to be able to come up with quick comebacks is defo not from him.

People can’t understand how and why Mo and I can be good friends. They say we are rivals. I say we are not. He was not dating us at the same time. The Bisola he dated at the same time with me sef, I also became friends with her. I think Dafe knows how to choose good women.
Women don’t have to be wounding each other over men

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  1. Nice message and I am pleased to see you are owning your stories. Keep driving the traffic to jd. Remain blessed.

  2. I love the way you think and how you act. Bitterness, rivalry produces absolutely nothing except trouble for the person harboring them. Embracing love and acceptance of other people and situations even when one has no need to is the highest level of maturity. May God continue to bless you ma. Thanks

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