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Valentine Competition Time!

 Ok… actually, I was just feeling silly. But I got your attention ba? Look at the picture below. What do you think I am doing or going to do with them? Answers must be as a comment  on my blog. Not on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. ON. MY. BLOG. OK? Lol. A winner will be randomly selected on Valentine’s day – in the spirit of Valentine. Competition closes on Feb 14 2016 at 2300. Location is no problem.  Gender irrelevant. Prize is dinner for 2 at a designated restaurant *. 


* – Restaurant designated by me.

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  1. Ha! Simplest riddle ever…its in the names ..
    You ma, are going on a ‘delicious date’ where the hidden tiger-nut, I meant to say tigress ?, will drive a a certain Baba Tobi coconuts enough to throw his law books out the window and break every conceivable law..
    In plain English, you will make kunu aya aka kayan Mata with them. ?

    1. HI! YOU WON MOYO! I will get in touch with you latr on today with more info on claiming your prize. Cheers! I hope you had a great Val day.

      1. *doing the electric slide* yipeee! And to think i spent 20 mins trying to see if there was a way to delete that comment because I felt I’d just gone vintage Moyo on somebody’s blog ..hehehe. Thank you ma!

  2. You blend, sieve, probably chill and drink the drink with lawyerman.
    Tested and trusted aphrodisiac.

  3. You are going to use all three to whip up the safest and most delicious aphrodisiac anyone can imagine.

  4. You are going to blend all together, and drink it up for increase in libido! The combo will be named Kunun ayankoya. Tigernuts drink!

  5. You are about to prepare a local aphrodisiac well known in the Northern part of Nigeria. It id also a stimulant usually prepared for new brides. Who says you cannot be a new bride everyday….

  6. Aunty want lawyer man to wounjo her. Mixture to bad. U blend it together, sieve the shaft and save ina bottle and its ready for ise buruku. Lol

  7. Aunty want lawyer man to wounjo her. Mixture to bad. U blend it together, sieve the shaft and save ina bottle and its ready for ise buruku

  8. You are going to blend them together and sieve it and make a nutritional milk out of it. It is a strong afrodisac that can be used to boost sexual libido.

  9. Sis, comment Don plenty o, and they all seem to hv d answer, so wet in person wan talk to win all this Pepu now? Pepu sef, dey too like aloof! I beg mk I dey go haus.

  10. You intend blending the Dates & Tigernuts together then mix with the coconut to get your groove on! All you’re trying to do is using them as an Aphrodisiac *wink*…. it’s the perfect season to boost one’s sexual appetite.. Hehehe. Lol

  11. You are going to wash the dates, blend all together,sieve them and refrigerate the juice and then drink days to Valentine for an existing sex blasting Valentines day.Its is also known as “Kayan Mata” which increases libido and enhances sexual pleasure and it is an aprodisiac …Here is wishing you an expectional Valentines day filled with lots of kayan mata effects..Throw away caution ma’am *winks*

  12. Your gonna blend all togeher,sieve,refrrigerate if you like and drink up the kunu aya or your gonna give it out to a couple this valentine period to gingernise their sex life…lol

  13. Right don’t usually win anything so not too bothered but I’m actually glad I worked out how to leave a comment on your blog heeeeheeeeheeee YAY me!!! Been try to figure that out since 4:30am (Natalie needs to get a life lol), and finally did by 5:30am a whole hour not bad lol.
    Anyhooooo that’s going to be turned into a drinkable aphrodisiac that’s gonna get you all the way turnt up and keep lawyerman smiling for a while and you beaming with every yes he gonna be saying cos trust me when you are done wink wink (remember we know you well) lawyerman ain’t never gonna say no. Xxx

  14. Wash,blend,sieve,drink and lawyer man enter am be that….enhances the sexiness in you ni o jaree…….

  15. That is a wonderful combination…. To spice things up on Valentine’s Day, in fact it’s the best gift. To get ready for a storm in the room.

  16. Hmmmm… I see you. This is what naija women call Kayanmata. Soak the tiger nuts overnight, blend all three ingredients and then sieve and gbam you are good to go and then you will be chased after the first ride. This is just perfect for valentine

  17. You are about to make that special drink that will get you and lawyerman in that Private jet taking off to Cloud nine

  18. I still can’t get over the fact that you have these ingredients…shines teeth…and also that you have them op prepackaged like this…shines teeth again…
    So this is what you will do, in your blender add 4 cups of tiger nuts, 10 pieces of dates and 1 cup coconut coconut water. Liquefy the mix and strain.
    Now you have a very delicious milk. Please chill in the fridge. And for and optional pick me up, freeze your favorite liquor in ice cube trays and add to drink.
    Enjoy this delicious libido boosting sexy drink on Valentines eve. Better to drink with the partner you wish to take to the mountain. Be ready for a night of ecstasy as you might climb that mountain multiple times.
    Cheers! 🙂

  19. Store in your fridge and keep gazing @ them!

    Sis lawyerwoman, is Tobi going for weekend on val’s day?

  20. This is you preparing for a very romantic mission…blend into puree sieve and drink.
    Auto reset button unto rounds of sessions..Valentine mode prepping..Enjoy d jolly good ride babes.#Val #love

  21. Athink you will soak the tigernuts overnight if dry, then blend the dates and tiger nuts. Then add the coconut water. Filter then discard the shaft. And then drink and come back and blog about the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had.

  22. Blend em together, sieve and drink!
    You could even serve chilled.
    It’s a combo known to increase libido and revive an almost dead sex life!
    OMG! Did I just write that? I think I must’ve backslided!! Lol

    Don’t forget to share the drink with Lawyerman!#Wink

  23. Hmmm. You are going to blend these, sieve and drink the juice as a libido stimulant, then have amazing sex with hubby…

  24. You blend all together and sieve it, voila! Opa eyin to bad! Lawyerman on point, you ready to accept and engage in the mission.

  25. Nothing. Just gonna store it back in the refrigerator or somewhere for future use. This is not going into valentine stuff. You don’t need to boost any libido. Just having fun with our comments. Hope I am correct.

  26. You intend blending the dates, tiger nuts and coconut water. After doing this, you will sieve it and then drink! Erm…The mixture is an aphrodisiac #ShinesTeeth

  27. Ahem* coughs…..a little birdy told me that the combination of this blended together increases the libido.
    A valentine drink obviously.

  28. Make a drink out of them, drink it and treat yourself and lawyer man to some of the most sensual nights of your combined lives.

  29. Hehehe ……Sis,me I know what you are going to do with them o…*wink* blend them together so you and Lawyerman can take it…*slight coughing*…Cheers… Happy valentine in advance!

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