NANS To Buhari Consider Merit Not Political Patronage In Ministerial Appointments


 A few months ago, I watched with envy the visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Mr Modi as he was being feted by the British establishment. The Queen met with him, he was both at No 10 and Chequers. Chequers is the official country home of the British Prime Minister. Modi spent the night there. And as I watched, I sighed. I envied how Britain went all out to impress Mr Modi. David (call me Dave) Cameron described the visit as extraordinary. India was being courted like a beautiful virgin. And I thought, why not Nigeria? What has India got that Nigeria hasn’t?

This much I know about Indians. I worked in IT before going back to school. First as a software tester and as a project analyst. Before deciding that working in I.T is not for me, I worked in a lot of FT100 companies, with Indians, some straight off the boat from their motherland and some, British in their outlook. Indians are hardworking, resourceful, intelligent. Everything Nigerians are. Information Technology is mainly staffed by Indians and Nigerians. We have cornered that market. Fact. And Medicine nko? From when I got pregnant with Tobi till when I had him, only two people on my care team were not Nigerians. EVERYONE else, from my GP, Dr Olatigbe, to my consultants at the hospital, Mr Ojitiku, Dr Akpara, and the other ‘baby doctors’ that came to see how I was dilating, (Tobi’s birth was not a straightforward one), they were all Nigerians. It was only the anaesthesiologist and midwife who were not Nigerian. If Nigerians should decide to ‘leave’ the NHS – National Health Service of the United Kingdom today, The UK too will know that power has left them. If you go into a pharmacy here, the odds are that the pharmacist would be a Nigerian or an Indian – without a pharmacist on duty, you cannot buy your drugs. And I know that in the USA as well, you cannot ‘fowo ro wa sehin’ – belittle our input into the American system. Have you seen or heard of the Will Smith film ‘Concussion’? It is about a Nigerian doctor who made the important connection between sport injury and brain trauma.

The only thing India has over us economically is the size of their population. But even with that, we sef, we plenty. So, why on earth is our president not talking us up? Why is he highlighting our negative? Why oh why? Was he not advised? Or did he just refuse to hearken? Our Naira is sliding an alarming rate, I would think that he would show us the silver lining of that cloud by telling foreign investors that it is cheap for them to set up factories in Nigeria. Instead, our President is reminding the outside world that Nigerians have a reputation for criminal activity. Is it that other nations don’t do criminal activity? A few years ago, a lot of British companies outsourced their call centres to India because it is cheaper for them to have the Indians do that for them. The Indians started selling data about the customers of these companies to fraudsters. The companies had to start relocating their call centres back when it seemed to be causing more harm than good. A few days ago, I had a call on my mobile. An Indian sounding voice asked to speak to Miss Olubunmi Ajai. I can bet my bottom dollar that the guy is Indian. Why? Because he called AJAI properly. Some Indians bear that name too. He said he was calling from my bank, that he wanted to tell me of some new online banking features that my bank has come up with. But first, he wanted my date of birth. OLE!  I told him no bank would ever call their customer and ask for the date of birth. He hung up on me.

So, why did Modi not talk about how his country people bought and sold customers data in the call centres in India?

Ps… And you saying that it is Igbos that do drugs, know that for every Igbo doing drugs, you have a Yoruba doing fraud. And you saying that it is Nigeria that does fraud not Biafra, go and be ashamed of yourself. Buhari has tainted ALL of us.

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  1. The deplomacy and tact of an average o/level.certificate holder is not in him .Do not blame BUHARI rather the people who foist this deficiency inthe name of president for what ever reasons on us

  2. Hmmmm well if you put it that way you have a point. Why highlight the negative, right? I saw it differently l thought by him saying so it alerts foreigners to the fact that it is not accepted by other inncent, hardworking Nigerians and it is being fought on the home front also. But you do have a point.

    1. I know that it is not accepted and outsiders should know that we don’t condone it however, Leaders don’t highlight negative aspects of their country.

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