My Fibroid Embolization Journey. Sefini.

Post Series: My Fibroid Embolization Journey

I got a call last week from the hospital with a new date of Feb 17. Yesterday. I was sedated but not anaesthetized. The procedure itself lasted around an hour and a half. It was after the procedure that the pain started. Oh the pain! When I was pregnant with Tobi, I was induced at 42 weeks and I had been told that labour brought on by induction is more painful than labour that is not induced. I did not feel pim. No pain. I remember wishing for labour pain so that me too, I fit get mouth when people are talking of labour pain. Yesterday’s pain was horrendous! Now I know why I had to be nil by mouth. I threw up through the day and night and even till this afternoon.

So, there! I have had the long delayed procedure. Thanks for your well wishes and kind thoughts. I am still in pain.  I feel quite tender and I shall now go back to lie in my foetal position till the pain subsides.

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  1. Oh my hope you feel better very soon hunny. Now we can work on you getting your six pack and looking fierce for summer whoop whoop!!! Bikini loading!!! Xxx

  2. Oluwaseun!!
    Thank u Lord for hitch free procedure, get well sister and be back on ur feet in no time.

  3. I know how to that feels.
    Thank God all went well.
    I pray for your total restoration.
    Take care.

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