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My blog is an extension of my Facebook. In much the same way that little children have invisible friends that they talk to, Facebook is my invisible friend. I talk about things that come to my mind in no particular order. I like to think that I am reverent in my views but my husband, whom I call Lawyerman due to the fact that he is a Lawyer, says that I am irreverent. People have been telling me for the longest time to start blogging but I pu:ssyfooted around it. I thought what if I get ‘writer’s block’ and suddenly lose the love of gisting?

But the thing is this – my life has not all been haha hehe. I have been through the wringer and back. Domestic violence? check. Single parenthood? Check. Financial lack? Check. Depression? Check.  But by Go:d, I have come through all these a stronger person, filled with joy and positivity. I am not an angel and will not pretend to be one. I have made bad choices that have put me in the most messed up positions. I have sometimes been the statue and at other times, I have been the pigeon. I have been offended and I have offended.  I want to write about things that I am not able to write about on Facebook, maybe because on Facebook, I know my uncles, aunties and other family members will read it or maybe there might be some other reasons that I can’t articulate. But with a blog, I don’t have a friend list. I don’t know who is reading it. I can pretend that my uncles and aunties don’t know how to find my blogspot and I can decide to write stuff that I would not be able to write on Facebook. I decided to own my writing. So, here goes…

If you have been reading me avidly (or maybe not so avidly) on Facebook, you might know who JOPA is. My dad’s initials were J.O.P Ajai, JOPA for short. He was called JOPA by just about everyone. He passed away a few years ago. When he was alive, I was his favourite child. So, yeah, I am Jopasdaughter. One of 7 Jopasdaughters actually. When I was looking for a name that encapsulates me, I asked my son to suggest a name and the first name he suggested was JOPA’S DAUGHTER. And that was it. Though he later came up with another name like Bunmi’s life or something along those lines, he had me at Jopa’s daughter. I did not want to hear of any other name. I love my father like that. My mum also had her own initials. D.I pronounced Dee Aii.  But she was not popularly called D.I. She was D.I at work and Mama Sola outside office. JOPA was JOPA everywhere.

Most of what I write about are my day to day happenings. So, you will hear a lot about my husband and my son. You might hear about my sisters as well, you might also hear about my friends and family (disguised though), I might talk about society in general … And as I am in school, you may also hear stuff about my school.

Yeah, that’s it really. I am Olubunmi Olabisi Ajai Layode, Mamatobi, Jopasdaughter. Thanks for popping by. I hope you will be popping by a lot. Kindly leave a comment. Or many. Lol…

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  1. I just stumbled on this blog aunty Bumi. I never knew it existed. Advertise it on your wall na!

    1. Hi Nonye!

      Thanks for your kind words. How do yo suggest that I advertise it? I am very keen to make the blog available to as many people as possible and would appreciate your advice.


  2. My seat belt securely fastened, drink in hand and all ready for this ride…oya keep it coming girl!

    Congrats again!

  3. Wow, so happy about the blog. I just clicked on notification for new post. I know I will enjoy every bit of it

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