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I am a carefree WYSI:WYG kind of person. I am married to my Lawyerman, have 3 kids, (one biological, one a present from my late sister and one a present from my husband). I am a full time law student, an orphan and a sister to 4 wonderful sisters. I am extremely trusting and naive. I don’t automatically think people will mess up. I let everyone in. And hope they don’t mess up.

In my spare time, I love to just gist and gist. I also love watching rubbish Yoruba films on Youtube. 12648185_10153951428402774_2009607673_nI used to love reading novels in my previous life  before I started my full time law course. But not anymore. I have been reading a novel called Shantaram for more than a year now and have not been able to finish it. I am a homegirl ( not in a yo homey! way though), I love staying in, with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, maybe with some biscuits, maybe some Marks and Spencer cheesecake and Chinese food ordered in. I don’t know if you have sensed this but if you have not, I love dessert. Actually, scratch that, I love food with special emphasis on dessert.

I also love to sing although I must admit that not being in a choir has made my voice less delectable. My son, however thinks that my voice is good enough for me to go on X Factor. My son also thinks that if I have not made money by the age of 50, I should go on a TV quiz show. I have a head for trivia and current affairs. But I’m extremely forgetful in my personal life. I do not have the foggiest idea about football but I support Chelsea. Because my son supports them and it is more fun to pit against my husband who, like most Nigerians, supports that club managed by Arsene Wenger, the famous ‘specialist in losing’.

I am a mishmash of genes from my parents. I inherited my mother’s tendency to be fat and my father’s big bones. Had I inherited my mum’s small bones and my dad’s slim build, I would have been bae. But I make do with what I have. In my list of things that I wish for, along with world peace and end to famine, is slim waist for me.

Follow me on my blogging journey and we will get to know each other better. In the words of the late great Jim Reeves, welcome to my world.

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  1. Nice one sis!
    Cracking my ribs @ I inherited my mother’s tendency to be fat and father’s big bones. 😆

  2. I love you aunty Bunmi,like your realness,your way of making me smile.you actually made facebook and all this blogging tin mean somtin to me.Love your spirit,surely you are going higher.See you at the top.

  3. I am supporting this ministry….Amen?
    A slim waist has been my goal since secondary school….one day sha

  4. Well done Bunmi. I think this is going to be a very great ride to stardom Bunmi. Glad to funally see a real writer in the real sense of it catch the blog bug. All d very best Bunmi.

  5. So you finally took the plung . Congrats sis, may this bring you the billions before you are 50 .

  6. First off, shoutout to Dupe for advertising your blog on her facebook page. I have never been able to pass up on such ‘offers’.
    I’m glad my curiosity got the best of me.
    This weight issue has been a struggle for me for me as well. And like you, sister (permit me to call you sister), I grew up with the mentality that food was never to be wasted. In fact, whenever I see people being wasteful about anything at all, I cringe.
    Anyhoo, I have taken down some notes pertaining to this post and I’m hoping to put them into action asap.
    Btw, congrats on your milestones (the kg losses).

  7. Yay!!! Love you sis, u knw me I don’t say much, but I jus ‘gbadun’ u anytime, anyday. Thumbs up!

  8. Finally Jopas daughter is here! Linda ikeji roll over!!! Congrats bunmi , knock ’em out??!

  9. Proud of you Bunmi. I have always loved reading your comments online, they are very entertaining and real.

  10. Wow! Finally…Belt fastened wanna cruise on this boat with you. Lest I forget what is Jopa? Then the WSISY???? well done!

    1. Lol… JOPA meaning dey for the blog na. WYSIWYG. What You See Is What You Get. No pretences.

  11. Hey OmoJopa! Well done on finally getting this blog off your bucket list. Way to go girl. I should follow you and at least achieve 1 of my 2016 wish lists. So please encourage a sister o!

  12. cant stop laughing! Sis, I must say this…Your style of writing is one of a kind and we dont really have much of those lying around in this country. I’m a blogger too (fashion though) and I wanna infuse humour in my writing too. I will must definitely bookmark your site and I hope you can visit my site too when it finally kicks off!

    Way to go sis! the Lord will support you.

    1. But of course Buki. Please let me know when it ready. Thanks. I could do some fashion tips.

  13. Grt job sis!!
    Long awaited blog!!
    I’m sure I’m gonna love every line written.

    1. Thanks Sophie. I appreciate your kind words.
      ps… I would still love for you to comment. lol

  14. I feel you on the Yoruba films and Dessert….hmmm. Focus girl! Focus! So what was I saying again…..

  15. Well done Bunmi for Challenging the real you and understanding the unique gift that you possess. this gift points to your deed of Assignment.

  16. Finally! Our long awaited blog. Well done and kudos to u! When I grow up I want to be like u o. U always have a great write up anytime, anyday. So my colleague and I say we can’t imagine what ur home with lawyerman and TOBI must be like. Fun always. May God always make your home beautiful. Oya me too “am feeling dizzing” let me go and sleep a Lil more

  17. Jopa’s daughter! Hmmm! Nice, catchy by-line. Welcome to blogosphere, Bunmi. I sincerely believe if anyone should be doing this, it should be you. Will make sure I follow religiously. And WILL post comments. Best of luck and remember me in your kingdom.

  18. Wow!
    I feel like I know you already.
    I love the fact that you’ve got a huge sense of humor. I admire your style.
    Thumbs up sis! !

  19. I love JOPA’s daughter! By the way, I saw the link to your blog via OLASS Alumni UK Whatsapp chat.

    You are a clean, clear and honest writer.
    I can identify with your story, in fact, we may have to exchange sisters.

    I can see myself in most na, in all you wrote about yourself. ‘Where you’ve been’ ‘food issue’ weight et al.

    Well done sis. “I’ve got my eyes on
    you” that is to say, I will keep reading your blogs.

  20. I can identify with everything I read about you on your blog. In fact, we need to exchange sisters.
    I will fit in perfectly as your sister and one of your biological sisters would fit in to my own clan.

    Well done sis! Clear, clean and open minded writer you are!

    “I’ve got my eyes on you” ‘following your blogs that is to say’

  21. To Almighty God be all glory, JOPA is and was one of the best. When my father passed, JOPA being my uncle was faced with my request for financial assistance… I leave the rest for God to decide, surely give him a Devine seat. May God make him the very angle to watch over everyone of his children and us. The time is coming for the truth to prevail. Bless you, your lawerman and children. With love. Bode Ajai

    1. Uncle Bode, e se sa. Your Uncle was a special person. And so was Agaricus too. May they both continue to rest in peace. Amen.

  22. I must confess, i hate blogs, i think everyone just wants to fit in by having a blog just so they can boast. But dang, I’m in love with this first post already, it is witty, classy, extraordinary and funny. I’m Tobi’s fan so please try to incorporate more words of wisdom from Tobi as you proceed, that will lure more of my traffic antenna to your blog. Way to go sis. Keeping it real since 19-giridigbon.

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