Onugbu Soup

Bitter leaf soup

Favour Chidera Okeke is our funny guest writer, writing on his relationship with Bitter leaf Soup

How do people that eat it eat it ?
How do they eat it and smile at the same time ?
What is good about the soup ?
My mom be like ” Chidera you don’t know anything. You don’t know what you’re missing. ” what I’m missing ?
Onugbu is my mother’s religion.
She can sacrifice “me” for onugbu.
If she attends a function and bitter leaf soup is not served, to her food was not served at all.
More than half of the garden is filled with bitter leaf plants.
She chews the thing raw with a straight face.
Anambra, Nnewi. For the love of oha & egusi,of all soups to choose as native soup, you chose bitter leaf why ? Do you mean me well ?
Yesterday,that thing that use to push me, pushed me and I went to warm a container, to see if I can stomach it, and I regretted it. From time immemorial I’ve never been able to stomach the soup I always end up throwing up.
The funny thing is that my mom cooks it well. Very well. She has a PhD in it. People from other parts of Igbo or tribes pay her to cook it for them. Church and weddings are not exempted.
You need to see how they thank her as if she gave them gold they be like
“Chai aunty ngo ofe nke a amaka”
“Ofe nkea togburu onwe ya”
And I’m like “what’s doing this ones”
I cannot marry a woman whose best soup is bitter leaf ??????
She will not mean me well.

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    1. Ah… this was written by a guest writer and as they hate it, I doubt that they will know the recipe. Sorry!

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