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Unfair genetics.

See the unfair genetics that I talk about? Jopa was a constant 75kg. He was able to wear clothes that he had worn in his 30s even at 50+. But he was big boned. So, he had big hands and feet.My mum, on the other hand, was around a size 8 or 10 when she got married. Then she got bigger and bigger. But she was small boned. So, she had small dainty hands and feet.So, me, what did I do? Combine my dad’s big bones and my mum’s fatness. So, I am fat and have big hands and no size in London feet. And my dad had scanty hair and my mum had full thick long hair. Guess what combo I took? Scanty hair? Yup. But thank God that I took my mum’s lovely complexion and my dad’s nose and lips. Thank God for that.


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  1. No be only you waka come o. My dad is tall and all my siblings tower above him but I chose to be short. Not only short but small. And I didn’t see hair texture to have but my mum’s. In fact, I maintain natural hair cos my hair is horribly light when relaxer is applied on it. Very scanty🙈. And like you, I combine my mum’s complexion with my dad’s eyes, nose and mouth😂. Beautiful me😀

  2. I can so much relate to this “yucky” genetics. My blood pressure is starting to get high and require medications and I never even reach 33. My mum was diagnosed at around 33/34, my maternal grandmother at around 40. Me? Trying to surpass them both. God dey. Kemi

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Love the fact that you took a bit from Jopa and mum except the no size in London feet and scanty hair

  4. Aunty Bunmi, you just share everything equally. Wish mine was so. I took my mum’s complexion, short height, slight bow legs and small hands. The funny thing is that I jumped both of them to go and carry my maternal grandmother’s busty boobs..

  5. At least yours is better. I took chairman’s (my father) dentition…. Na like scanty maize. Lol

  6. Aunt Bunmi, you’re still a beautiful woman and you know it. My genetic issues are similar to yours, only both my parents are slim, but I went and got big just like my maternal grandma. Lol.

  7. Aunty Bunmi!!!you are not fat joor.You are just bootylicious with a very good and radiant skin.We all can’t be lepa

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