No Fear

Sandy Onyia -guest writer.

Fear of fear

‘only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ – FD Roosevelt. Most of the time, it’s not that we cannot do what the others are doing or that we are ashamed of ourselves or that we are too conscious of what comes after failure. We just hide ourselves, thinking that somehow it will find us, whatever it is that will elevate us. Because somehow, against our wishes we have been shut down by life and humbled by events surrounding us. We have experienced failure and we know the taste of success. Unconsciously, we are hesitant about trying new things and making noise with the rest. Thinking that what belongs to us, will come to us.

But what if this is the path they chose? Those who failed at life. Again, it’s to be considered, what’s it to fail at life? And what is the real definition of success. Some say when they have achieved a certain height, some say when they have enough money to pay their countries’ debts, and some say when they have reached out to as much people as they can, some say it’s when they’re at peace with God. But really, what does success mean to you?

It’s been proven that school grades don’t make you a successful person. That you have no classmates, really. That classmates end in class and most of the time, the friendship and popularity that comes with it, end as soon as y’all graduate. So, you have no classmates. We all walk different paths. We all have different destinations. And when you wear the right shoe, you shall walk with Kings and Queens. So, who is your classmate? The person with whom your success or failure and theirs are of the same depth (or whatever standard success is measured in)?

Forget that today, you wear the latest shoes in town and you have this great body or you have a long list of girls/boys who like you. When the race is finished, the miles will be counted.
BTW, fate is crazy, if it’s really what’s taking us to our final destination. There are people who’ll work their asses off and get little or nothing outta life. But that’s the shit we call life anyways.

So, maybe it’s this fear above all else that makes your hand too heavy when you want to raise it up and answer questions. Makes your feet immobile when you wanna walk up to that podium. Shuts your mouth when you want to respond to some beeshh. Confuses you and your so called principles. Kills you from within without your knowledge.

So, in the words of Susan Jeffers, feel the fear and do it anyway.

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