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RIP Chisom



The case of Chisom, the lady who died of the negligence of the hospital on my mind.


Nigeria is somewhere you DONT’ want to be when ill. I pray that her family gets justice but my fear is that they won’t and that the hospital will not close down or be brought to book. Even here in Britain, we were taught in Tort that Medical Negligence is notoriously difficult to prove. As long as one doctor can give their professional opinion that there was no negligence on the part of the medical practitioner, sefini.


Sadly, Nigeria is even worse.Naija doctors will close ranks and cover up. Sigh.


About 2 years ago, I remember that we trended a lady who died during child birth as a result of suspected medical negligence. I am not sure anything happened to the hospital. In fact, I think the hospital even came up with an insulting rebuttal.


When my sister, Seun was diagnosed with BC, they lost her biopsy initially and another one had to be done. I was told that my dad had to personally take the biopsy to the lab to ensure that it does not get lost again. Then, they did the Mastectomy without checking her lymph nodes to see if the cancer had spread there even though she had complained of having lumps in her armpit. Let’s not even talk about the months she kept going to hospital, telling them of changes in her breast and of our mum dying of BC and how they kept telling her she was too young to have cancer.


The dosage of Tamoxifen that she was prescribed was said to be extremely small and unable to contain the cancer when she got here and the oncologists took care of her.


Nigeria is not a place to be seriously ill.


My cousin, Bunmi died of typhoid. The hospital kept treating her for malaria till they eventually tested for typhoid. Too late.


May Chisom’s soul rest in peace and may her family get justice.