Restoring (lost) Intimacy in a Marriage

Asking for a friend. How do you restore intimacy in a marriage where intimacy has left and where only one partner is interested in restoring the intimacy? I have at least two female friends in this situation. The husbands work hard and believe that they are the bread winners and the women are just nagging. After all, he is not cheating on her and he shoulders all the financial burden in the home.
She misses the intimacy. The way he used to make love to her. They way they used to jist. I asked one of them to do a few things this last weekend. I asked her to let the kids go and stay with someon she trusts so that she and her husband could have some time, just the two of them. She did and nothing has changed. He simply gave her money for her love wantintin. Lol. She is lucky in that regard. I told her it will not happen overnight and to keep on at it.
Any suggestions for this lady? How do you bring your partner back to intimacy when they are certain there is no problem in the marriage?

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  1. Sometimes couples gt lazy in the intimacy side of their marriage. It’s a thing to nip in the bud once a party observes it. The woman in the relationship can try to be sultry, do something different. She’s abt sleeping, just gv him a shocking Bj. But again, it’s not about not being considerate. Stress takes its toll. In this regard, libido of the man may either be weak or even nonexistent. The woman needs to first of all identify the problem. If it’s the loss of libido, you have a lot of work to do coz Naija men have bloated egos in that regard. The chief of all, pray!

    1. OK. Fair enough. Please tell me what he Nigerian man need o do to maintain the intimacy? It does take two doesn’t it?

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