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Kanye West from Google.

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I know of a man who came into money from his mother’s estate when she died. His wife coerced him into spending the money on things that she wanted Then, she divorced him when the money finished.
I came into some money from my dad’s estate when he died. And Lawyerman told me from the onset that he was not interested in my father’s money. That does not mean that I have not given him gifts from it but it was totally voluntary on my part.
Nkechi Ika Bianze put a post up on Facebook yesterday about a friend of hers who came into money from her parents’ estate. The lady is engaged and her fiance is demanding that she transfers the money to him else she is not submissive.
Barawo. Onye oshi. Olè. Olè ajibole.
Submission my foot. Nkechi adviced her to draw a prenupt about the money. Nkechi is nice. Me, I would advise her to flee from such a man. Alapamasise of a man. Person that has hands and refuses to work. Does the good book not say ‘THOU SHALL NOT COVET’?
The thing is prenupts are not legally binding in Britain and I think in Nigeria too. It is up to the judge to decide. And if shait hits the ceiling, she might not get a sympathetic judge. So, the man might actually walk away with her parents’ hard earned properties.
Let us even leave the issue of judge or not. Why would a man or woman ranju – stare at the hard work of their partner’s parents? Why? Is that not wickedness? Don’t come and use submission to tell your fiancee or wife to transfer her parent’s hard earned property to you. Don’t come and use ‘if you loved me you would give me access’ to blackmail your fiance or husband into giving you their parents’ hard earned property.
Say it for what it is – you are a greedy so and so and you covet your late in laws’ hard earned property.
And you, woman or man, ti a ba’n sunkun, a yin riran. When we cry, we still see. For the love of God, don’t hand over your parents’ hard earned property to that thief that is demanding or coercing you.
Your parents did not work their asses off only for your spouse to covet.