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On falsies

I love the look of false lashes but I am just not comfortable having them. I have only had them twice or thrice. Ever. I had some done a few days ago. But I have stayed up most of the night pulling them out one by one. Now I have bald lashes. For in the process of pulling the false ones out, I have uprooted the short natural ones that I was managing before. School resumes on Monday. Should I wear sunshades in class till the short natural ones grow back? How long do they take to grow back by the way?
The wahala of being a woman. Meanwhile, Lawyerman, Tobi and Erii have long lashes. In fact Erii’s lashes would make many false lashes ashamed of themselves. His lashes are the ‘Brazilian hair’ of lashes. But what do they need the long lashes for?
I seriously believe that God has a sense of humour. Abi how do you explain short stumpy lashes on me while the men in my life have long luscious lashes?