Engagement Tears

On crying at proposals

I just saw a video of a wedding proposal. The girl was crying. Why? Did she not expect that at some point, the guy would propose? Why do girls cry when they are being proposed to? Why? Have you guys not talked about being together for the rest of your lives ni?

When Lawyerman proposed to me, I was ironing some clothes and he was behind me. I turned and saw him holding a ring. It vaguely crossed my mind to cry but I couldn’t. Instead, I told him to not propose to me standing up, to go down on one knee and do it properly jare. Abi, how would I tell our grandchildren that grandpa proposed standing up? Not posibu.

I had always had this romantic idea that on my wedding day, I would be emotional and would be crying and the Revd would have to give me time to compose myself before going on. On the wedding day, I tried to cry. The tears refused to come. So, I remembered my late parents who could not be there and hoped that would make me cry. But the tears said ‘who die’? They refused to come. Then, I stared so hard at Lawyerman, hoping that pools of water would form in my eyes from not blinking that the poor man became uncomfortable under my unblinking stare. Still, no tears.

Crying at wedding, I can understand but crying at proposal? Gerrarahia jo.

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  1. Seriously, we need to ask these ladies…Oro na to ju su mi…Wasn’t there a plan when you started the relationship…when the ring isn’t onions…Lemme come and be going

  2. You know emotions vary from person to person. Some folks will cry given half a chance. Others will stroll past their bestie in a coffin and not bat an eyelid (hey that’s an exaggeration but you get where I’m coming from)

    What’s that expression again? ‘Different folks, different strokes’.

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