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On Apostu Lagbaja

All of you saying there are conspiracy theories about awa manovgord, Apostu… are you saying that he is clean as a whistle and did not do jack and everything is a big lie? So, he just sat down jejeli, and only preached about killing Fulanis in self defence and BAM! The government decided to plant compromising backdated pictures and information on him abi?

All you saying that all she is saying na haligashons, are you saying that he did not do jack and everything is a big lie? So, he just sat down there and was totally innocent and this girl(s), choose hi of all manofgords in Naij to make haligashons against abi?

Whether it is a government set up o, or she is making allegations o, all I know is that she is giving a more compelling argument than he is. Banning his members from talking about the shenanigans is a bit erm… silly at best and draconic at worst don’t you think?

And he should not tell us to wait for a robust response. We know what happened the last time we were told to wait for that. Ti ogiri o ba lanu, alangba o le raiye wo ibe. If crack no dey for wall, lizard no go get to enter am.

No smoke without fire. Did The Bible not say we should flee from all appearances of evil? Did it not appear evil to him for a girl to be nakeding herself for him?

And that actress, lol.  The one with the big bakassi that seems to be known more for her bakassi than for her acting skills… ehn… that one. She actually put on her wall something about being blessed when she got the car and showed it off on SM. Go:d is merciful. You know you got a car from the proceeds of fornication abi na adultery and you have the gall to add G:od to the equation?

The Nigerian edition of g;od na wa. A g;od that gives people cars from the proceeds of fornication.


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