Letter from ‘Sunday’ the driver to married men


I saw a post on Facebook from a supposed nanny, detailing the ills her married madams commit in their marriages against their husbands. What a piece of merde! Anyway, here is a response to that letter to married women. Sunday is addressing married men. Ehen. As my friend Aishatu Ella John said, what is good for the good is good for the Uganda. Lol. Or something like that sha.

I am a PhD holder and I was a driver for 15 years as I was not able to get a job. I have been in the employ of 4 families in this 15 years. I will tell you of the homes that I have worked in.

The first family I worked with was when I finished my PhD. It is a polygamous family. The man has three wives. I started off as the family driver, taking some of the children to school and back then, because I am very diligent, oga told me to start driving him. You would think that Oga would be satisfied with the 3 wives he had at home. Lest I forget, the 3 wives do not make any trouble at all. They are Yoruba Muslims and it seems like they had all taken oaths to live in harmony. They had children in the same age ranges and around the same times. Oga was the adinni – a Muslim title at his local mosque but oga Alaji keeps following small small girls all over the place. He liked them very young and he had some guys at the University that got him Jambites to sleep with. Oga was quite fe_ti:sh and he also visited babalawos for money rituals. I am very discreet and he trusted me to not tell anyone anything. Another thing is this – Oga also slept with his wives’ cousins from the village who live in the house. He gave them money to come and visit him at the office and there and there in the office he would have ceck:s with them, give them small money and send them back home. I left the employment when I could not bear it anymore.

My next employers were a small compact family of a man, wife and 3 children. Three daughters. The woman was the bread winner and the man was supposed to be a trader but all he did when he supposed to be chasing business was chasing girls all over the place. His wife had 3 daughters and he desperately wanted a boy so, even though it was his wife that supported him financially and never robbed it in, he kept telling her that she was useless till she bore him a son. I was with them for 4 years and in that 4 years, he impregnated 3 girls and the three girls all gave birth to daughters. Once they had a daughter, he moved on to the next woman in his quest for a son. The women would come to the office with their daughters to beg him to accept responsibility for the children even if he was no longer interested in the mothers. But he moved on to the next woman in search of a male child. I left the employ when I could not bear it anymore.

After that, my next family was with a large family. The man had too many wives to count. He took it in turn to spend the night with each wife on a rota basis. He was extremely rich and each wife had her own property with her children. His wives had no life whatsoever apart from waiting for him to visit them. He had good taste in women as his wives were all so beautiful and delicate. But he was such a mon’ster. He would beat and beat and beat each wife that he visited for any flimsy reason. He beat one wife to death but everything was hushed up. Another thing was that his wives smelt of stale urine. I later learnt that it was because they had started having children when their bodies were not ready for it yet, while they too, where still children. I left when I could not bear the stench anymore.

The next Family that I live with was a small family. The man had a second family outside which the wife at home did not know about. I feel sorry for her because I also know that the man was HIV positive and the two women did not know. I took him to the clinics to get his NRT meds and the two families didn’t know. I wanted to tell the two women. I told my mum and she told me to keep quiet about it. The last time I heard about the man, the wife at home and the wife outside are dead. He has married someone else.

I pray to have a humble loving wife like the wives of all these men that I worked for. Their wives cook for them, wash the men’s semen stained pants when they come back from their rendezvous. They still make themselves available for cekks: and companionship. The women don’t disturb them for money and do not nag them but the men are never satisfied. Either looking for the next woman to sleep with or maltreating the one at home.

I have stopped being a driver now as I am getting married soon. All the lessons that I have learnt in the course of being a driver to these men, I intend to use it in knowing how not to treat one’s wife. I hope the men who do these wicked act will read this and repent.

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  1. Lol! Yes o! A very good testimony on the dangerous men out there but what is wrong with Yoruba men? I’ll explain in my write up soon

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