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JAMB Chronicles 4

#JAMBChronicles part 4

Iyabo, kamdown. Kamdown. Ko si sise, kosi aise. A ma lo wa bi o se ma wo Unijos na ni. Iyabo, calm down. The deed has been done. We will just have to go to Unijos and find someone to help us there.

Naija parents sha! You know how you will do a monumental cock up like burning your dad’s best work trousers and you are sure that they will beat you to a stupor and your parent will just look at you and say next time be careful ehn? Then maybe one day, you mistakenly used a spoon to eat rice instead of a fork and the way they will so beat you ehn? Yes… that was what happened. I WAS SURE MY DAD WOULD BEAT ME TO A STUPOR OVER THE JAMB ISSUE. But he did not even clip my ears.
Instead, on the very next day, my Dad got a flight to Jos. He asked for where Unijos was when he alighted at Jos airport. He was asked which of the campuses? Old campus? Medical campus? New campus? He did not know. Please which campus is the VC’s office? Ok… New campus on Bauchi road. So, he took a cab from the airport to Bauchi road. Josites will know how long a ride this ride was.

So, he got down at his destination, Bauchi Road. Please where is the VC’s office he asked the first student he came across. Admin Building sir. Please where is the admin building? At the back sir. As so, my dad wandered and wandered and got lost and a nice student finally lead him to the admin building. Please where is the VC’s office he asked someone. They took him there. The queue to the VC’s office was round the block. He took his place on the queue. He did not get to the front of the queue that day so, he booked himself into the hotel across the road, Semshak hotel so that he could get to the Uni as early as possible the next day. The next day, he was one of the first people on the queue. When he got to his turn to see the secretary, he was told that the VC NEVER sees people without appointments. Ok he said. May I see his deputy? Which one of them? He has more than one deputy? Yes. Admin and Academic. Ok. He said. Which of them deals with Admission? The Admin one. Prof Adekunle.

He asked for directions to Prof Adekunle’s office and once again, met a long queue. He took his place. He was also told that he needed an appointment to see Prof Adekunle. My dad had made up his mind that he was not coming back to Lagos without my admission letter. He told the Secretary that he had to see the Prof and the Secretary ignored him. My dad sat and sat and sat in the secretary’s office. Around 8pm, Prof Adekunle came out of his office, closing for the day. He saw my dad sat in the reception to his office, the only person there and asked my dad what he was doing there.

That was how my father told him the story of how his daughter changed ALL her JAMB choices to Unijos o. How she does not even have a second choice Uni that they could approach. Prof Adekunle would later tell me that fathers like my dad are rare indeed. So, he invited my dad back to his office and asked for my WASC results. He brought out his documents and looked for a dept that still had space in the Arts Department that I could get into. LINGUISTICS. So, he added my name to the list of students going in for BA Linguistics in 1987.
My dad thanked him profusely. Now here was the thing, Prof Adekunle did not take a Kobo or Naira from my dad. He just… did it.

Twist in the tail…

We lived in a pre-colonial semi and our neighbours were the Baraus. My parents gisted with Mr Barau about how I had put all my eggs in one basket. Unknown to us, Mr Barau had leg at JAMB office and actually went ahead to get me addmision for Psychology. I later got an admission letter for Psychology but because I failed Maths, I could not do Psychology so, I went ahead with the BA linguistics that my dad got for me.

That is the end of my #JambChronicles.

Maybe I should do my #JAMBITEChronicles. What do you think? Yay? Nay?

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  1. Yaaaaay! Pls do. I enjoyed every bit of the Jamb Chronicles. I kept “ooohing” and “ahhhing” I forgot it was your story and I kept repeating “Ha omo buruku!” 🙈 e mobinu Aunty B I didn’t mean to say that to you fa my body was peppering me ni 😂😂😂😂. PS: Your dad was such a wonderful father. Kai! All that wahala for a child that didn’t listen to simple instruction. I doubt mys3lf not to “fiya je omo be” lool

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