I’m back.

I’m back o. I apologise  for the break or  hiatus as Tobi would say. My laptop broke, I find blogging on a phone cumbersome and my iphone was on it’s last legs. Anyway, Lawyerman finally upgraded me. So, now I have a Samsung phone which I will have to learn to use. ‘It’a a different world from where I come from’.  Lol. Did you see what I did there?

So, this is going to be a brief post. My laptop was returned today by the guy who was repairing it. Guess what? The problem is still there. Still can’t use a laptop so, will manage with this phone.

It’s been a busy few weeks though. I have been able to  crystallise my feelings about women in domestic violent situations. I will talk more on that later. I opened a Facebook group to raise funds for shelter and in just about 6 days of fundraising, we almost raised N1m! Nigerians are fantastic! I will talk more about that later.

Just wanted to check in. I’ve missed ya. We should have a name shouldn’t we? Something  like …Jops. Lol. What do you think? I’ve missed my Jops.

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