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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy valentine’s day my peepules! I hope you are surrounded by love and laughter. I hope you do get a present or two from someone who loves you.

But you know who loves you the most? Ehn… Yes. I know God loves you. You love yourself the most apart from God. So, don’t wait to be appreciated. Appreciate yourself.

I certainly do. In Uni, I would always go the cake shop in town and book for a cake to be sent to me from my ‘secret admirer’. My friends all envied me this my secret admirer who always sent me cakes on Valentine’s day and never showed up. What a lovely and shy guy they would coo as they cut into the cake and ate.

In my third year, I did the same thing again. I had a guy whom I had the most serious crush on. And he also liked me. I desperately hoped that he would send me something but to be on the same side, I did my thing – bought myself the cake and had it sent to me just in case. Would you believe that this guy came to visit me in my room empyt handed and joined my friends in scoffing down the cake from my supposed secret admirer – his competition? Can you believe that?

Anyway, in my final year, I eventually go a Val present. Finally! Yay! Anyway, Jopaspeople, have a great day! See the chi chi cake I bought for myself.


PS… The winners for the Val’s day competition are Eunice Lasehinde an Precious-Promise Ilalokhoin, the runner up.

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