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My father’s ridiculous ex

Random remembrance of my father’s ex girlfriend and her stupidity. My dad dated a medical doctor after my mum died. It did not end in marriage but she was very hopeful. I met her later and she would regale me of my father’s sexual prowess. I would beg her to please stop it but she would insist on telling me, claiming that I am an adult. So, because I am an adult, I should know about how my dad was good in bed? How many people know about their father’s sexual prowess? How many people want to know about their father’s sexual prowess? I doubt that there would be a lot of people like that.

One day, she told me of how she was quite desperate to have a child for my father so that he would marry her. She said she went to a Church and she was told that she needed to come for deliverance. Please bear in mind that she already had a child from a previous marriage. So, she said she went to the deliverance – in a forest. She said that she was told to take off ALL her clothes and that the spirit of bareness would be beaten out of her. And that was how the beating started. They beat ehn? Shege barawo bansa out of her. The ‘pastors’ and ‘deliverance ministers’ almost beat the living daylight out of her. They beat her so much that she ran out of the forest, stark naked, before she remembered that she was not dressed and then walked back to tell them she no want to have any more children and that she was satisfied with the one that she had.

I don’t know if it was my father’s ‘eleda’ – creator that refused to ‘gba abode’ – refuse to be manipulated or if it was something else. I asked why she felt that she had to do that? Considering that she already had a child. She said my dad really was the best thing since sliced bread and she did not want to lose him.

A medical doctor o. SMH. That was how she told me that whenever a patient was presented to them and they ran tests and could not find what was wrong or if they treated the patient and they did not improve, they would secretly run a HIV test and if the results came back positive, they would then tell the relative that the illness was not a physical one, that the patient needed to be taken to a church or Dibia or babalawo. Can you imagine all the shades of wrong this is? When I told her that it was wrong to test someone without their consent and to also not let the patient and their family know exactly what the illness was so that they could take the right steps in treating the patient and reduce their own exposure, she was like ‘Jo jo jo o! I can’t come and die and make my child a motherless child because I am treating someone’. Smh. A medical doctor fa.

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  1. No be only ridiculous ex o. She be desperado. But seriously, most women trying to conceive are ready to go any length to achieve it. Maybe it’s a reflection of what our society holds important. Baby dust to all my TTC sisters and brothers. Wishing your dreams come true without the agony of being beaten naked in the element.

  2. Hehehehehehehhhheeehehe…I laugh sotay pepper comot for my nose. Chisoooos Christ..D truth is dat it still happens in dis age nd time….where one ‘prophet’ will ask a female adult to go unclad so he can wash badluck away……Ignoramus Iranu…Weldone my sister;that was a good afternoon dose.

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