Evening Primrose Oil and Breast Cancer Prevention

Sometimes, things come to my mind to write about I write them down but don’t publish them and the effect of evening primrose oil is one of the things that I wrote about but did not publish. Cos, I was not sure. Let me give you a background.

My sister, Seun died of b’reas_t cancer at the age of 31 some 10 or 11 years ago. My brain refuses to remember the date she died. I just know it is a December. So, we were rushing around for her to come to England for treatment. My sister Yemisi was living in Italy then and she had a baby shortly before I was meant to go to Nigeria to bring Seun to England. Because there was some sort of sibling rivalry – Seun was my favourite sibling and because I did not want to do ‘pashia’, I decided to quickly go to Italy and do 1 week’s omugwo with Yemisi, come back to London and then go to Nigeria to bring Seun. I had booked the flight with Virgin Airline but would not be paid till the Friday after the Wednesday that I was going to Italy. So, I gave my ex, my debit card to make the payment for the two tickets on Friday morning. Big mistake. My ex spent all the money and did not buy the tickets. I had to come back and work for a few more weeks to be able to afford the ticket money again. In that intervening couple of weeks, my sister, Seun lost her ability to walk. She fell in the bath and could not get up. JOPA had to go and scoop his n’ake_d daughter from the bath. She could only drag one foot after that.

I rushed to Naija to get her. As soon as she got to England, she was admitted and a battery of tests were run on her. They found out that the Cancer had metastasised to her brain and was pressing on her brain cells. That affected her ability to walk. I had been researching into b;reas’t cancer when she was diagnosed and now more than ever, I read up even more. And that was when I came across the effects of Evening Primrose Oil on PREVENTING breast cancer. I thought well, it might still help her. I spoke to her consultants and they said they could not advice concerning it as the research was not conclusive. I decided to give her the supplements on my own. If it did not make things better, it could not make it worse. She was already undergoing radiotherapy but there was no improvement in her situation.

I did not know what dosage to give and I can’t remember what dosage I gave her anymore. But what happened was that a few days after I started giving her the oil, around 2am, I got a text from her saying ‘Sister, praise Jesus for me. I can now walk again’ Oh sweet Jesus! I could not believe what I was reading and when I saw her the next day, it was like what you see in Nollywood. She was indeed walking up and down. Not limping. Not dragging her feet. Seun was walking normally. Praise G’od. I still get emotional remembering that occasion. And then, I stopped giving her the Evening Primrose oil. I don’t know why. I still beat myself up when I remember. I did not stop immediately though. I just did not buy another supply when the one I bought her finished. A part of me feels that maybe Seun would still be alive if she was still on that supplement.

Some seven years ago, I registered to do a fundraising run for Cancer Research UK and I needed to be fit for it. I started working out seriously but after a while, my knees started hurting. Seriously too. It was hampering my ability to walk or run. So, I researched into how to sort it out and came across Evening Primrose oil. It apparently lubricates joints. I started taking it and within a couple of weeks, the knee pain went. Then I noticed something else. My skin was glowing! It turns out that the oils in Evening Primrose Oil is also good for the skin. That is one of the supplements that I use for my skin. The other is Silica. So, there you have it – all of you asking for the secret of my glowing skin. Evening Primrose Oil works on your skin from the inside and Silica makes your skin supple, But I started growing grey hair after I stared using Silica. Same thing happened to my sister when she started using Silica. Silica is also good for healthy and fast growing hair and nails.

Anyway, back to the Evening Primrose thing – a few days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine who found a lump in her br’eas:t and is undergoing tests for it. Her consultants told her about Evening Primrose oil and she told me about it. They recommended 1000mg per day for her. I told her that I knew about it and was going to do a post on it but because Seun’s consultants had said it was not conclusive, I was not sure about putting it up. So, don’t take my word for it. If you have a family history of b’reas-t cancer, you might want to consider speaking to your medical team about it.

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