Bad Boys

Bad boys

Is there some magic in dating of bad boys? By ‘magic’, I don’t mean those one of somebody is ‘doing’ them and from the village and truncating their brain o. Or maybe I do sef. Do some women naturally gravitate towards bad boys? Do they do it deliberately or is it innate in them? My ex is now married to my ex friend. And this woman used to be beaten by her boyfriend. She used to live the very next door to us. She is from Zimbabwe and her boyfriend was living with her. Her ex-boyfriend is Naija and he used to beat her from time to time. And on some of those occasions, I would invite her to our flat and make her jollof rice and play Naija films for her. This is before the days of Youtube and being able to watch Yoruba films on the internet free. In those days, the only way we got to watch Naija films were on video tapes. Not even CDs. So, she would sit down and I would comfort her. As at that time, Dafe had not started punching me. His only vice then was womanising. I did not know that my own punching was to come. I remember she once said that she could not marry a man from her country as they were ‘useless’. She said she had to marry a Nigerian. Lol. Looking back now, she and Dafe were probably eyeing each other by then as she told me a few complimentary things about me that Dafe supposedly told her and I wondered when and where they saw each other to be discussing me. Anyway, I digress. Carol and Dafe are now married. And as I know that a leopard does not change its spots, I suspect that she would have started collecting her punches by now.

When I was in Uni, I had a friend who had a bad boyfriend. The boy was her first luurver and even though he was sh:ag;gin‘ so many girls on campus, my friend still held on to him in heartache. Then this fine brother started toasting her. Kai! The brother fine no be small. Very ‘hans’. The bad boy was short and stocky and this fine brother was tall and handsome. He was crazy about my friend but the more he toasted my friend, the more irritated my friend got. He was a perfect gentleman while the bad boy was just being bad. One day, I called my friend and asked her why she was still crying over the bad boy when a perfect gentleman wanted to be with her. I can’t forget her response. ‘Bunm, there is no magic’ she said.

So, when I see some women not learning their lessons and going from one bad boy to the other, I often wonder … is it really magic? Or is it that the make up s:e-x is an addiction?

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  1. Hmmmmmmmm….. I need to learn more about this….. I just get attracted to them ooooo…. Meanwhile cool, calm and collected Bros is dying in one corner.

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