Ileke Idi



I love wearing ileke idi or jigidas as they are also called. But I have not worn them in a couple of years – weight gain tinz. Apparently, they are used for two things – checking one’s weight gain as they get tight and uncomfortable when one puts on weight. The other use is the common one everyone knows about. I would love to be able to wear them again. I love it when a hint of it shows beneath the waistband of a pair of trousers. Lawyerman loves it when I wear them too. It brings out the r_azz Yoruba man in him when I wear them and he starts saying r_azz but s’e;xy Yoruba stuvs to me. There is something so r’is;qué about them. Like you this girl…


My ex hated me wearing them. The first day he saw me wearing them, he ran away from me as if his life was at risk. Apparently, it is a juju tinz. He disappeared for days.

I remember the first time I wore them. I was doing my NYSC then when I finally summoned the courage to go and buy it at Teju Osho market. I did not know how to tell my mum so, I made sure that I did not wear anything that would reveal my ileke idi. But one day, while I was having my bath, she came into the bathroom and saw them on me. She just shook her head. ‘Hmm… won ti so fun e wipe ki o lo wo ileke idi abi? Eni to so fun e wipe ko lo woo, ko ni si eni ti o ma ko won k’o to ja ni ibadi e nigba ti o ba lo mo ni irun. Hmmm… someone told you to go get ileke idi abi? The same person who told you to wear them, no one will teach them how to snap it and tear it from your waist when the tangle with their hair. Oh the mortification! I quickly took them off. But ileke idi still held an allure for me.

I hope to be able to wear my ileke idi again.

Ps… If you have not been toasted in r_azz Yoruba, you have not been toasted. Aswa.

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  1. You really got me cracked up! I love waist beds too. I remember a time I had severe back ache. I gave Mr, heat balm to help me apply on my waist line. Ileke lo fi sere. You can guess d rest. I kuku ma remove the chain for the period I had d back ache cause it wasn’t getting better. Mi o le wa ku

  2. Hmmm…I love waist beads too especially those ones that make sounds but my ex didn’t. Like when they peep or silhouette shows through garment worn. Should get back to wearing them again sef

  3. Momy did actually nailed what the ileke could do to one’s below hair O,lolz it got me cracking my ribs, but I love ileke idi like my life depends on it since I was in primary 4 till date so is le hubbs.Sis please get another fitting one ASAP

  4. Am in love with waist beads as well…apparently my mum told me she wears them for me while I was still a child?I change them often because I cut them off myself whenever am tipsy and I want use the bathroom?…for me it’s fashion.

  5. You mom’s words got me laughing so hard…. I have always been a fan or “ileke idi”, and you are right, it brings out the ‘sezzy razzness’ out in one’s man?.

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