‘LV’ Bag.

On designer bags and ‘designer’ bags

I don’t do faux designer bags. I simply buy what I can afford. One condition that I don’t joke with is that it has to be leather. As long as it is leather, I am good to go. I have never bought fake designer bags. Lol… Actually, I lied. I have bought a fake designer bag once. Just once. In my defence, it was being sold by my next door neighbour and she did not gree me rest! She claimed that her husband worked at Luis Vuitton and had staff discount so, could afford to buy a lot and sell them cheaply too. Yeah. Right. In those days, I was unable to say NO to being taken for a mugu. Even when I knew I was being taken for a mugu. I would inwardly seethe but outwardly smile and agree that I was a mugu. I was indeed a mugu for doing this. Finally, so I could rest from her persistent sales visits, I bought a LV bag from her for around £150. Some 7 years ago. What makes the situation even more pathetic is that LV is one designer that I do NOT like as a bag. I hope to be able to afford a full set of travel cases by LV. They are very classy for travel, those LV travel cases. But I have no love for LV bags.

So many ladies love fake designer bags! But it seems like they think they are buying the real deal. How they could think that, when the internet is awash with information, with the designer sites showing what they sell and the prices beats me. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was telling me with pride of her sisters in Nigeria who would NEVER carry a non-designer bag. She proudly told me of how they bought Hermes bags worth N100K. Talking of Hermes (no, I am not going to talk about Linda and her bags. Lol), some years ago, someone told me about the bigs girlz in her office and how they were buying Hermes Birkin bags for N250K without batting an eye. So, I sat her down to give her some fashion education. I told her that even Oyinbo celebs go on a waiting list to be able to buy one of these bags and that the price is in the tens of thousands of pounds. So, she got schooled.

Back to my designer bag issue. I have always wanted a Mulberry bag but every time that I have wanted to buy one, life would get in the way. Like my contract not being renewed. Or my dad dying. But this time, I said to myself, ‘Bunmi, just do it’. So, I did it. I have longed for this bag for so long that when I finally did buy it, I did not even try it at the shop. I just asked for the bag in the colour that I wanted. I hid it in Tobi’s room. I did not know how to tell Lawyerman of my purchase. Not that he would have minded or chided me as I rarely buy stuff for myself. In fact, Lawyerman often gives me money to go buy new clothes. He gets embarrassed by my lack of nice clothes. I just can’t be bothered. Like I also could not be bothered with phones. When we met, I was still using the same Nokia phone that I had been using for about 5 years. It had fallen down so many times but you know how sturdy Nokia is. It does not break. But Lawyerman said he was embarrassed any time my phone rang in public. So, he bought me a Sony Experia. Then Blackberry. Then Iphone. Then he stopped buying me phones.

So, this bag was in Tobi’s room for a few weeks and then, the day I decided to carry it, I realised it was not a shoulder bag. It is a bag that you ‘dengeh’ – pose with on your arm. I don’t like those kind of bags. But I love the bag too much to return it so, I have been carrying it like that. And forcing it as a shoulder bag when my arms ache from dengeh style. I decided to travel to Lagos with the bag. After checking in and going through immigration and buying my vodka and chocolates at duty free, I sat down to wait for my boarding gate to be announced. I looked to my right and what did I see? My ‘bag’ in the display of the Mulberry shop. Mulberry

I went in to find out how much. Just out of curiosity. It was £150 cheaper than what I bought it for. Big sigh.

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  1. I do love LV bags….
    I drool anytime I see one….
    I am saving my pennies for when I hit 35.

  2. Welldone ma. Cant stop laughing…like I know where it would end.Lol. I’m not ‘crazy’ for expensive things and even love to buy months after the ‘en-vogue bite’. I love to buy designer stuffs ‘someday’. Someday…soonest…that i will buy for whatever amount and would not care if its sold for one naira nextday. But until then…let me pray someone sow the seed.lol

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