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Rain, Seksey Rain.

The rain was pelting outside. Her phone rang. It was him. “Hello” she giggled at the sound of his deep, rich, masculine voice with a slight roughness to it. “Get ready for me tonight” he said. “We are going out. Wear a white tee-shirt. No b’r:a. I’ll pick you up at 6”. She giggled through his instructions, Her mind soon drifting to their first time many moons ago, and the feeling of amazement – the perfect width and length on seeing him for the first time. Before she met him, she had attended singles’ revival and the pastor asked everyone to make a list of the attributes they desired in their husband and place it before the altar in faith. She smiled wryly as she remembered that she had asked for width and length. Well, they say be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. Well… she did get the width and the length. And a whole lot more.

She looked at the time, she had only a few hours to get ready for him. She rushed off to the bathroom to begin her routine. She applied the hair removal cream on her armpits and p’riva:te area. He did not really mind whether she was smooth or not. He always said that by the time a man got to see a woman nude, body hair would be the last thing he would be bothered about. But still… She particularly wanted to be nice and smooth. She wanted hands to glide, lips to slide. She got out of the shower and lavished her skin with some baby oil gel so that she glistened all over. Spritzing Aromatic Elixir behind her ears, between her b’o;ob;s, on her navel, her inner upper thighs. She remembered the day she overdid the perfuming and actually spritzed some perfume in her cr’ack. Oh the pain. Never again.

She knew what she was going to wear, he was quite clear on that – a Tee without a b’r:a. On the days that they have their rendezvous, she liked to wear clothes that are easy to get out of the way. So, for example, she she would wear a buttoned shirt that can be unbuttoned easily instead of a blouse that would need to be pulled over the head and a skirt instead of trousers. But, this time, He had told her to wear a Tee, so, that was what she would wear. She favoured a skirt over trousers for these rendezvous and today, she chose a wrap skirt. She went on to get dressed before he arrived.

She heard his key in the lock and she ran to meet him at the door. He k’is;sed her deeply, passionately, drinking her in. He dragged her out of the house into the car. It was still raining and by the time she got to the car, her Tee was wet and cl’ingi’ng to her body. Her n-ip’pl:es stood hard. He kept smiling and stealing glances at her. Now she knew why he wanted her to wear a Tee without a b-ra. “Where are we going luurvr boy?” she asked. “Don’t worry. Wa fe’e ku laleyi” he sang the Reminisce song that suggested that she would be ravaged that night. She giggled. He always made her feel like a teenager in love all over again. New wine. That is what this is. Giddy s’ex-ua:l excitement.

He turned on the ignition and drove them to a secluded area with huge trees and shrubs. They were both silent throughout the drive, merely exchanging knowing smiles at each other. She broke the silence; “I hope you are not kidnapping me” she joked, feigning fear. “I AM going to ” he said confidently. She laughed nervously. He finally brought the car to a halt. It was a secluded spot but it was still near the main road for an observant passer-by to see and hear whatever “ravishing” he planned on doing to her. He took off his jacket and undid his tie. He got out of the car and went around to her side of the car. Opening the door, he laughingly pulled her out. It was pelting by now. She mentally thanked herself for having gone natural a couple of years before. Or else, she would have been needing to go to saloon tomorrow or counting her loses on a Brazilian or Indian or whatever weave that was de rigueur now.

He pushed her against the door and drank her in. Her n’ipp:le;s strained against her wet tee-shirt, aching to be tou’ched. He k’is:sed her roughly, fli’ck_ing his tongue inside her mouth. He k’is:sed her lips, and his lips trailed lower. He relaxed the intensity of the k’is_s and started n:ib:bling on her skin. Her ears. He playfully tugged at the right ear lobe, trailing down to her neck. He s’uc_ked on her neck and alternated between su’ckin:g and nipping on her neck. She shivered at the cold without and the heat within.

He held her neck in a soft vice, with a soft choking sensation while his lips trailed even lower. In the pelting rain, they both clung to each other like they were drowning in a sea of pa:ssion. He relaxed his hands from her neck and pulled up her tee. ‘Tear it’ she moaned. And as if on cue, he ripped the tee apart, exposing her soft, heavy b’rea;sts to the cold rain. Her ni:p_ple’s stood taut and hard, begging to be tou’ched. He bent his head and k’is_sed around the left b:re_a:st. Alternating between l:ic;king the rain off her skin and s-uc_k’ing on the flesh. ‘Harder’ she moaned. She loved to see the marks of passion on her skin days after the passion. He s-uck’ed hard on her b-rea’st, avoiding her n-ipp’les. He gently lifted her right b:rea-st and rolled her n’ipp_le   between his thumb and fore finger. While he steadfastly refused to put his lips on her left n’ip_pl’e. The combination of one n’ip-ple being played with while the other n-‘ip:ple begged to be tou:ched was driving her crazy. She felt herself go weak at the knees and her c:l;i’t go wet. There always seemed to be a direct link between her n_ip’pl:es and her c_li’t. Finally, he took her left n’ip_pl:e in his mouth and a wave of weakness swept over her. She let out a moan as he su;cked and lic:ked and suc;ked and li;cked. She leaned back on the car, and held his head in her hands, holding it tight against her b_re-a’st. He sucked and alternated with lic:king her left ni_pp-le while his hand travelled down her body. The rain kept pounding down on them both. His hands roamed her tummy, going lower. By now, his lips had left her ni-pp_le and was now following his hands down her body. He licked her belly button, trailed his lips lower and lower. He untied her wrap skirt at the side and threw it on the floor. She stood shivering in the raining, in just her pa-nti’es.

He slid his hands lower. To her p;ub;ic area. He pulled her p-ant’ies down her legs and ki’sse:d her thighs. Her inner thi’g:hs… then he c-are’ss:ed the tip with his thumb. She groaned and shivered at his touch. He used his left hands to separate her lips which were already plump and blood filled. She was soaking wet and dripping. Both from the rain and from her juice. He pushed her thighs aside so that his l’ips could have access to her there. His rolled his thumb over her throbbing c’li:t while he s:lid his left forefinger in and out of her. The combination of his hands and lips made her thigh quiver. She quivered inside as well. His for:efing’er worked itself in and out and increased its tempo while she m’oane:d. Soon, she added his middle finger to the forefinger and both fingers soon started ca’re;ss’ing her G. s:po’t. She felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge. Faster and faster, he worked his fore and middle fingers in and out of her. Her lips were eng’orged and thro’bbing and she felt the pressure building in her lower tummy. He knelt down in front of her and soon started li’cki-ng her c’li’t while his f’ingers drove her to the edge. She bent over him with her thi-ghs pushed aside, his h’ead between her thighs and her b-rea_s’ts crushed against his h’ead. She cradled his head and ki’sse_d his forehead, whimpering while he drove her to madness.

Suddenly, the dam inside of her burst open and her ju’ices flowed freely. He lapped it up eagerly and kept s-uck’ing on her till she had finished gushing. She m’oaned and fell on her knees too. They both clung to each other in the rain, on their knees. She k’isse:d him gently and tasted her slightly salty-sweetness in him. Slowly, they regained their breath and he got up and helped her to her knees. That was when she knew that he had had it all planned. He had listened to the weather report and knew that it would rain later the day and had actually left home with a towel and a change of her clothes which he then gave to her.

He opened the car door and brought out a towel which he drapped over her, towelling her dry. He brought out a change of clothes – a silk kaftan that he had put in the car earlier and helped her feet into warm woollen boots. He himself slipped in a Jelabia – the kaftan worn by the Arabs that he had bought on their last trip to Oman. They drove home in the warmth of the car, in companionable silence, wrapped in a cocoon.

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  1. My best part of this story is that this man reads his bible…. he just displayed the true meaning of “it is more blessed to give than to receive “Lol

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  3. Every couple needs this kind of love making to keep the fire of marriage burning, a good read I must say

  4. wow explosive i must say sis Bunmi! this was me while i was dating one handsome guy who knew my mumu button and controlled it as he liked then, i would say he brought out the naughty nature of me. He would called then and say put on a short gown with no undies on and am good to go, as it was always easier doing it in the car that way, way much easier or any where for that matter.

  5. Lawd…. Aunt B.. this is so rich… would hopefully someday try this out… when and eventually i have my man..wink..

  6. Sis Bunmi, you are multi talented! I really enjoyed reading this. Please write more erotica. Well done!

  7. Aunty Bunmi, you want to corrupt some virgins in the house. This was a good read but chai! my husband no dey tonight. You have da nkan sile….

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