Newly Wed Erotica

Newly-wed Errrrrotikka

Miss Tee is our guest writer for this piece.

Under the pink and yellow floral-patterned bedsheets, newly-wed Adetola laid noooode, her young and firm bbbbbrreassttt  pressing on her husband’s smooth and strong chest. She had spread her legs earlier and her sweetheart’s muscular leg was in between, stemming her wetness which flowed freely like the nectar from an exotic fruit. He was aware of the effect of his passionate k-is’ses so he rubbed the fountain of her wetness ever so gently with his smooth leg, causing Adetola to mo:an and break her mouth free of his. He captured her mouth mid-moan with his and continued the sseeeensoouus dance of tongues, driving his young bride completely out of her mind. It was a cold June night. It had rained consistently for a week and it wasn’t any different that night. The cool breeze from the half-open window carrrrrrr’rrrrrressssseedd Adetola’s back but did nothing to dissuade the heat between her legs.

Suddenly the power company struck. Everywhere was thrown into darkness. The two luuurvers made to get up at the same time, Adetola sitting up and searching for the torch she always kept on the bedside table. She flicked it on and shone it on her husband’s torso. She had been married for all of one month but beholding her husband in his nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnak:ked glory still made her shy. She dropped the torch on the bed and and cupped her bbbbbrreas;sttt. Her husband just smiled and drew her closer to him, freeing her bbbbbrre:assttttss from her embrace. He knelt before her and put her hands on his already throbbing member. She already knew what to do, he had taught her earlier. She f:o’n;dl:ed him and teased the tip lovingly. She ran the palm of her left hand along his shaft and cupped his tip with the right, squeezing him gently there where it pleased him the most. His appreciative moans encouraged her and she increased the tempo, driving her handsome husband to the brink of sanity. She maintained the motion for a long while, filling the room with the guttural sounds of her husband’s passion.

The light came back on suddenly. She jerked her hands off him and made to turn her back to him. He didn’t object as he dropped to a sitting position behind her, each palm finding one succulent bbbbbr:reasstttt each. She had no objection as this was her second favourite part of the dance. He squeezed her soft yet firm bbbbbrr;eassttttss and teased each rosebud nip:pull between his fingers. She sat back, his young virile body a rest for her body and let herself enjoy each wave of pleasure. Soon, her nip:pull were as hard as his ellection which dug into her bare b:u’t;to:c’ks from behind. After a while, her husband’s name on her lips in sseeeensuah ecstasy, she directed one palm to the junction of her thighs. He found her dripping wetness which had created a small puddle on the bedsheet and smiled in satisfaction. Adetola was a sseeeensuah woman indeed, he thought to himself. He laid his spread palm all over her wetness and squeezed her softly. Using his middle and index finger, he found her folds and spread them apart ever so gently. He was at the core of her womanhood now. Driving the full length of both fingers inside: her, his thumb stroking her thick flower, Adetola cried out his name into the night. He thrust his fingers into her wetness even deeper, stroking her swollen flower with a keen urgency without letting go of her hard nippulllu either. She could only take a couple of his fingers’ thrusts before she was over the edge. In tears, her body convulsed, jerking, her bbbbbrreassttttss quivering as her husband watched in delight. He always made Adetola hit cloud 9 before him. She turned and faced him, all shyness evaporated.

The two sweaty lurrrvrs were now face to face. He took one look at her beautiful bbbbbrreassttttss, her nippulllu proud and e:rec:t. She thrust her chest out at him playfully and teasingly and he cupped both bbbbbrreassttttss again, lowering his head to the left b:re’as;t. He caught the ripe nippulllu in his warm mouth, taking as much of her warm breast as he could. He twirled his tongue around the tantalizing nippulllu and sucked on it, much like a hungry baby would, making those sounds his wife loved to hear. His hand was on the other bbbbbrreassttttss, squeezing ever so gently. Adetola held her husband’s head close to her chest as he satisfied himself. She reached between his *legs with her free hand and found him as turgid as she had never felt before. She resumed her earlier play on his member, stroking the entire length of him and cupping his twin engorged fullness. He was soon greedy. He squeezed both bbbbbrreass:ttttss together and sucked on both nippulllu. He kept at it for what seemed like a glorious eternity to his wife. She could not take the excitement anymore so she begged him to make luff to her.

He had never heard a better proposal in his life. For a tortuous moment, he freed her nippulllu from his mouth. She grabbed a pillow which had fallen on the floor and placed it behind her plump ba;ck:side. He watched his wife as she laid on her back, her legs spread wide, offering him an error:tic view of her curly pu:b;ic hair and swollen flowers all wet and shiny from his luffmakken. He dug his two longest fingers into her again but it did nothing to placate his pleading wife. Stretching himself atop her, the tip of his male sweetness found her slippery wetness. He pressed himself over her veejay:y opening, pppppppppenetrating lightly. She let out a primal moan and tt.hrust her waist forward to receive him but he wasn’t done teasing her yet. Mingling her wetness with his, he rubbed his engorged tip all over her swollen lips. Adeola’s wetness was all over her buut..tocks but her husband was only beginning with her. He pressed his tur.gid member all over her warm v.ul:v-a, spreading her lips far apart with it and smacking her c.-.lito.-.ris hard. She began to sob his name sweetly like she always did at the verge of an or.-.gas.-.m. That was his cue. He rammed straight into her, giving himself to the tight squeeze which he could not resist. She matched him thrust for thrust, arching her back with each stroke, rolling her wai.-st beneath him in a sseeeensoouus dance. After a multiple series of passionate long th.-rusts, his loins also doing that age-old luffmakken dance, Adetola held her husband by his strong wide shoulders and shuddered with wave after wave of exquisite or.-.gas.-.m. He gave in to her firm v:ag:inal squeezes and squirted his warm se.-.ed in steady streams deep within her. The air was rent with moans and groans of their luffmakken as both bodies writhed in passion, Adetola’s husband collapsing on top of her in resolution.

Both partners laid spent in each others arms, the air filled with the aroma of their luurvue juices. He found his discarded briefs and made to clean his wife up with it but one look at her beautiful legs still spread wi:de and he was soon reminded of her voice calling his name out in ec;st;asy as he buried himself deep within her. Adetola knew that look on his face and soon, they started another feverish round of passionate luffmakken. The air was alive with their mo.ans as they made sweet luurvue to each other far into the wee hours of the morning…

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  1. This is Waow, this one go corrupt my sainthood. Can someone invent a time machine, need to check this out asap.

  2. Did the writer peep me and le hubby? She perfectly described us on our honeymoon. It’s so perfect it’s creepy! Jeez.

    1. Thanks! This one is by a guest writer but there are other erotic stories on the blog. Have you read them as well?

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