The Mile-high Club

She did not set out to join the mile – high club. You know what they say about life? They say it is what happens when one is busy making plans. Standing all of 4 foot 11 inches without shoes, she was wearing 140mm Loubou Cataclou suede. Right now, she was silently curs’ing herself for her choice in travelling shoes. Her feet were ‘killing her but she had to wear these shoes. Loubous are her passion. At the last count, she had 8 pairs. She kept promising herself that her next purchase would be Loubou flats or trainers but she had not gotten round to letting go of her desire for height. What she lacked in height, she made up for in a feisty attitude to life. She would try anything once. She knew she looked good with her naturally thick permed hair cascading down her back, in her dark burnished skin, tiny waist, small de’rrie_re and flat tummy. Walking down the aisle, her feet were beginning to ache and she was filled with trepidation as she kept walking down the aisle of the Virgin flight to London from Lagos.  She wished she had waited for her contract to be paid so she could buy a business class ticket. She did not have enough money for anything more than an economy ticket right now. And she did not have the luxury of time. She hoped that her seat was not going to be the middle seat in the middle. Those seats that you were kind of at the mercy of your fellow passengers to the left and the right. She sighed. She had a feeling her seat would be bad. And not in a good way. She was still thinking about the seat when she got to the back of the aircraft. She looked at the seat numbers again and realised that her seat was the very last seat before the loo. Great! Stinking flight. But at least, it was not one of the dreaded middle of the middle seats. She put up her hand luggage in the overhead space and sat down. She settled down and was about to bring out the bottle of Vodka that she had bought at duty free when she heard a deep voice say ‘Hello Tola’ She was momentarily confused. ‘Osa’? ‘Osa! Where is your seat’? His seat was next to hers. He leant over to give her a peck on her cheeks. She thought that was a bit forward of him but she did not mind. Actually, she liked the physical contact.

Of all the flights in the world? Of all the seats on all the flights in the world? They had met a week before at the British High Commission when they had gone to apply for visa to visit the UK. They had both been allocated the same interviewer and had struck up a conversation while waiting to be called. But he went in to be interviewed before her. And that had been the end of it. Or so she thought. Osa was tall, skinny and light skinned. The very type of guy she did not fancy. She fancied stocky dark-skinned tall guys. Osa exuded se’nsual’ity and though, she did not like his type, she had found herself strangely attracted to him. She had quickly put the thought of him away. What was the point in thinking about him when they were not seeing each other again? And now, here they were on the same flight, sitting next to each other. The famous line from Casablanca rang in her mind. They settled down in their seats and from that moment, she knew it was going to be an unforgettable flight. The air between them was practically _sizzling. Touc’h me already she thought. Inwardly, she was a hot mess of desire. Outwardly, she was a cool mask of calm.

In the intervening minutes before lift-off, while the other passengers were busy locating their seats and all, Tola and Osa were in their own cozy little world. They started off chatting normally. Soon enough, they were leaning into each other, supposedly to hear each other over the din in the flight. Sooner than she expected, he was being tactile when he was talking to her. T’ouchi:ng her arm here, brushing the hair from her face there. KI:S’S ME! She screamed inside. In hindsight, she realised that all the seemingly innocent touches were a way of testing the waters. When she did not brush him off, he said to her ‘I want you so b’adly’ She heard a little girly voice, sounding a bit like a whisper saying ‘k:iss’ me please’ ‘Wait’ he said to her. ‘Let the lights go off’

And so, some fifteen minutes later, the lights went off. And the night began. ‘Take off your jacket’ he said. She willingly did. Sharp. ‘Lean towards me’ he said. She willingly did. Sharp.  Softly, pulled her earlobe with his teeth and nibbled on it. Gently. He lic’ked behind her left ear. Trailed his mouth down her neck, lic’ked along the way… softly. Oh so softly. She mo_aned and he put his forefinger on her lips. ‘Shhhh… You don’t want to alert the other passengers’ he said. He placed his forefinger on her lips and before she knew what she was doing, she was s’uckin_g on his forefinger. ‘That’s a good girl’ he said. He continued trailing his lips, his tongue down her neck while she continued s’uckin:g on his forefinger. ‘Move closer’ he commanded. She tried to but the darned armrest was in the way. He turned towards her and with his left arm, placed his left hand on her neck, gently applying a chocking sensation. No one had ever done that to her. If anyone had told her that this was done, she would have been sceptical but with him, it only heightened the sense of danger. The pressure was not too much, not too light. With his left hand gently chocking her, his right hand unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her lime colour b_ra. She always wore non padded b_ra’s. She was quite bus’ty and did not need any extra padding help. She also loved the feeling of her n’ipple_s straining in anticipation against the lace of her b_ra when she was in a passionate situation. And this time was no exception. Her n’ipple_s strained against the lace of the br_a, impatient to be to-uched. She made to slide her b_ra straps but he stopped her. His mouth moved from her neck to her collar bone as li-cked her left shoulder.

Her senses were swimming. Had she had her normal pre flight swig of Vodka, she would have thought the feeling was due to the Vodka. But she had not. She ached all over and felt a warm’ness gush do-‘wn there. Oh my! she thought. This must be the mile – high club. Or is it? She had always thought the mile – high club was located in the bathroom but now, she did not know. And she did not care. The bathroom was too small for two people anyway. So, this really must be the mile – high club. She twisted in her seat and held his head in her hands. She wanted to take control. She k’issed him fully on the lips, with her tong’ue flickin*g inside his mouth. She was a bit rubbish at k’issin’g she knew, but at this particular time, she did not care. She devoured his mouth, su_cking on his lower lips. He groaned and deftly turned her round in her seat. She turned towards the window and arch’ed her back for him while he lifted her shirt. He trailed k’isse_s down her back while he un-did the cla’sps of her b_’ra. He circled her ribs with his hand while he continued k_’issing her back. His fingers started teasing her b_’reasts, circling them. Impatiently, lifted her b’reast_s and placed them in each of his palms. He groaned when she did this. ‘Tola’ he moaned. ‘You are crazy’.

He continued to avoid her n_’ipple’s while gently stroking her b’-oobs. ‘Please’ she begged. ‘Beg me some more he’ said. ‘Osa’ she whimpered. ‘Please touch me’. He ignored her and continued to nibble on her back while he gently caressed her b’-reasts, still avoiding her nip_pl’es. She was going crazy with desire. The warm wetness betwe_en her_ legs’ was threatening to become a flood. She turned round in her seat and lifted her right br’-eas’t to his mouth. She put her nipple into his mouth and his warm mouth enveloped her. She sank into the chair while he gently su-cked and nipped on her nip_’ple. He stopped to take a swig of water from the bottle and returned to her nip_’ple. The feeling of the cold water against her n’_ipple almost made her scream in e’cstas-y. She moa-ned while he increased pressure on her ni’-pple. He su_cked more firmly while he rolled her other nip-‘ple between his thumb and forefinger. Suckin_g one nip”ple while softly pulling her other nip”ple, he continued working her close to the edge. She could feel the tension building in her stomach, spreading lower down, settling between_ her_ le’g.  ‘Don’t st_op ple_ase Osa’ she moa’ned. Her breathing was coming in short gasps while he continued to increase the su_ckin’g pressure on her n’ippl-e and his fingers relentlessly worked her other ni’ppl_e. She tried to tweak his n-‘ipp’le but he pushed her hand away. She was dangerously close to the edge now. She felt the tension in her stomach rising higher till it engulfed her and pushed her over the edge. Moa’_ning softly, she felt herself quivering down there and a sudden weakness envelope her.

The lights came on. Jollof rice with beef or Gnocchi with prawns she heard the pretty flight attendant ask the passengers a few rows before theirs. Phew!

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