You are stronger than you think


It is so easy to be a victim in life. More comfortable to be a victim. I used to be one too. But I believe that we ALL have that strength in us to make changes that will be tough in the short term but ultimately will be rewarding – if only we tap into that huge reservoir of strength deposited in us. I feel that if it is not health issues like Cancer that we battle, we can overcome whatever situations we find ourselves in if we are ready to stop being victims. I have had to draw on my inner strength to be where I am today. I was talking to a friend yesterday and I said to her, by the time a woman gets to her 40s, and has had her fair share of heartbreaks, I don’t expect her to make the same mistakes as that of a woman in her 20s who has not gone through the kind of heartbreaks that the woman in her 40s has gone through. My friend made a fair point of people making bad decisions when they are vulnerable and that a woman in her 40s may make mistakes that she ought not to make because she is vulnerable. And that it is important to pray that one does not get to be in such a vulnerable situation that would make one make serious mistakes that one should not make.

I agree that we need to pray and I agree about being vulnerable but I feel that it is all too easy to roll in that vulnerability and let oneself be messed up again. What is more difficult is to sit up and tap into that inner strength and not make the same mistakes that one made earlier. That is tougher, but ultimately more rewarding. I think that vulnerability is allowed – I would never tell anyone going through a difficult time to suck it up and move. Our culture does that. You want to have a pity party? Please do. Feel sorry for yourself. Cry. Stuff your face with chocolate, then get up. Get up and tap into your hidden reservoir of strength that you have.

Another friend of mine was schooling as a foreign student in America and working when she was suddenly faced with breast cancer diagnoses. TWICE. If she stopped working, she would lose her health insurance. If she stopped schooling, she would probably be violating her visa conditions. So, she continued with her full-time schooling, continued working so as to not lose her health insurance and was having chemotherapy that meant she was very weak and sick indeed. If you have had Chemo or have been with a loved one who has had chemo or is having chemo, you would understand the enormity of what this sister went through. CHEMO MAKES ONE SICKER THAN THE CANCER ITSELF BEFORE IT GETS RID OF THE CANCER CELLS. CHEMO IS POISON BEING POURED THROUGH ONE’S BODY. But today, she is the proud holder of at least TWO master’s degrees and she has overcome the cancer to the glory of God. What alternative did she have? Not work and lose her health insurance and not get treated and die young? Not continue schooling and get deported to Nigeria that does not offer effective cancer treatment and die young? Or tap into that hidden strength and have a fighting chance in life?

So, yes, pray. But you also need to know that you have a vast reservoir of strength that will help you to stick to tough decisions that will ultimately be for your own good. You can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens you. Christ strengthens you. Tap into that strength my brother, my sister.

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  1. Thanks Aunty for this piece, you are such an inspiration to me. And I do always look forward to reading your post on FB or on your blog. Your words always pass a message across to me. Love you much ma…..GOD enable you more and Bless you real good.

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