My alter ego

I have an alter ego and I would like to introduce her to you. She is called Olubunmi Ajai Layode. She is a fierce anti domestic violence campaigner. Olubunmi was a domestic violence victim herself and she was housed in a shelter and given emergency shelter when her ex turned her to a punching bag – literally. The British government also gave her a flat of her own. This helped her to get back on her feet and live a good life with her son. This experience gave her a strong desire to support DV victims in Nigeria so when yet another lady was killed by her husband in May 2016, Olubunmi got tired of the platitudes of ‘it is well’ and decide to do something concrete to support DV victims. She set up a campaign on her Facebook profile to raise money to set up shelters for DV victims who are having to stay on in potentially fatal relationships because they have nowhere to go. In the first week, N1m was raised and she set up a Facebook group called Green Haven shelter. The group then leased a flat on Lagos Island. Since then, they have gone on to have 7 more shelters in different parts of Nigeria. Green Haven is now called Greenlands because the name Green Haven has been taken by another NGO. So, it is being registered as a NGO in the name of GREENLANDS.

A few days ago, she went to Nigeria for a summit on DV and to also have a look at the new shelters that her group leased. She thought that she would still be able to switch to Jopa’sdaughter and blog but the modem she bought was a bit rubbish and because she was always up and about, could not do any blog postings from home. So, there – that is the reason why Jopa’s daughter has been AWOL for a couple of weeks. But we are back now, both Jopa’s daughter and Olubunmi.

How have you been? Missed me? Lol. I have missed y’all.

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    1. My book on my DV experience is out now. You can pre-order for the soft copy by paying N1750 to this account

      OLUBUNMI AJAI, ZENITH, 1004992429. or by paying $5 to my paypal

      You may also pre-order the kindle on AMAZON. The hard copy will be available on Amazon before the launch date of Jan 26. 2018. I do hope you get a copy or even get copies for people that you think or know will need it. It is an inspirational book. Cheers

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