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Las Gidi state of mind.

I am in Las Gidi! Yay! Lol. I have been all over the place and not had a chance to update my Jopaspeople. I am sorry about that.


I arrived on Monday morning. It was a turbulent flight. Oh dear Lord. Even though the pilot had informed us that it would be bumpy till we got to the Pyrenees, even though I knew it would happen, it did not make it easier for me. I am a nervous flier you see.


I love travelling but hate the process of getting there. I dont mind the short flights to Europe but the 6 hours to Nigeria is pure torture for me. Then to go to America? HA! That is the mother of all torture abeg. That is one of the reasons why I no dey too like to go to Yankee. To just be flying hours over water? My mind always goes into overdrive… what if the plane crashed? Is that how my family and friends won’t have my body to bury? Because fishes would have gotten there first? God forbid! The last time I went to America, coming back home, the pilot did not warn us of turbulence. I went to the loo. As I was coming back, walking down the aisle (lol), whoop! Na so the plane hit huge turbulence. My knees just gave way like that. Gbas! I was kneeling down on the aisle. The American man seating next to where I was kneeling in the aisle said ‘maam, I can see you are praying for us all. Amen’. Kmt. Is this the time to joke? I don’t trust American based airlines. I feel that they don’t have the expertise that British based airlines have. Virgin Atlantic pilot will always tell you there is turbulence beforehand. American based airlines, not so! Anyway, enough of that one. Before my friends in Yankee vex for me.


So, back to this flight, I had bought some Piriton at the Boots and immediately I sat and fastened my seat belt, I took 2 tabs to help me sleep well. That is what I used to do before my friend told me alcohol was better as it numbed the senses. So, I would buy a bottle of Vodka at duty-free amd proceed to start swigging it on the flight. But the thing is this – I am not much of a drinker and because you can’t take that amout of liquid on the flight if it is not from duty free, on every trip to Nigeria, I end up with 2 bottles of Vodka. 1 going and the other, coming back. I have so many half drunk bottles of vodka at home. So, this time, I decided to go back to good ol sleeping tabs. They were just as good as alcohol jo.


So, I am here to sort out my NGO – GREENLANDS ASSISTANCE HAVEN. We have some shelters in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and PH. We also just got our CAC registeration done. What started as a Facebook group is now morphing into a NGO. So, busy busy busy.


Anything for your girl?




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  1. Well done sis. May God crown your efforts and grant tou wisdom to succeed in your endeavors.

  2. Something for you o Big sis. Let us hang out Biko. When are you in Lagos for like a few days so I can plan myself. Ekaabo oo. I hope the heat never fry your yellow yellow skin.

  3. Welcome dear have fun and may God continue to bless and provide for you and your family.

  4. Welcome home ma, good to have you here. As regards Greenlands Assistance Haven, you haven’t seen anything yet, you are surely going global. God bless all your hustles ma.

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