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Hello my peeps,

I apologise for not coming here, not updating in the past few weeks. My laptop broke due to my lazyness. I was reading in bed, and wanted to sleep. Feeling too tired to get up, I threw my book on to the floor. Thud! It landed on my laptop instead. Next morning, to start lappie was inpossible. I find it cumbersome blogging on my phone plus my iphone was on it’s last leg anyway. Lawyerman bought me a Samsung phone and I am getting to grips with that now.

This my blog is evolving. Tobi my son and I decided some weeks or months ago that we would vlog about London. Kind of a ‘sight and sound’ of London. Mainly for people who have not been to London before. We will make it educative and fun. I did an impromptu one and posted it on my Facebook page and the response has been great. This weekend, we are going on a Family outing and we will try and vlog that too. So, there will be a section here for our vlogging activities. In time, it will evolve to other areas apart from London.

A lady called Ronke Shonde died a couple of weeks ago as a result of domestic violence. People were quite angry about her preventable death. My ex was physically abusive to me. The British government helped me by putting me in a hostel and fending for me. I have been thinking for some time about doing something concrete to help women in DV situations to leave and to live. I spoke to Lola Omolola of Female In Nigeria, (FIN) and she kinda helped me articulate my thoughts and suggested I do a gofundme campaign. Problem with that is that it is a one off. I need a continuous form of funding. Then Ronke Shonde died. Her death galvanised me. Let me do it. So, I set up an appeal on my Facebook page, asking people to help me help DV victims by contributing money to help set up safe havens for them to flee to. The response was awesome! So, I founded a group specifically for this purpose. It’s called THE GREEN HAVEN. I will include the link below if you wanna join and help us raise funds. We raised N1m in a week! I am in the process of signing the lease for a flat. A lady leased us the flat for 2 years but we are only paying for a year. Wowza! So, I will be talking about the activities on helping these women on this blog too. It will not be on a tatafo basis o. If you want tatafo, you have Linda Ikeji for that. This is going to be for concrete help for them. These women are not fodder for entertainment.

I will do more of my fiction stories. I was a bit worried that the erotic story I posted was too out there but people loved it and wanted more of that kind. So, I will try and do more of that. And of course, I will still do my irreverent cheeky take on life.

Nice to see you again my peeps. I hope you have missed me. I missed you.

The link to the Facebook page for THE GREEN HAVEN.


The link to my first vlog.