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Here’s a little competition to have fun at our dating disasters. My last post was put up in a sleepy haze and when I wrote about doing a competition, it was a spur of the moment comment. But I have thought about it.

WE. SHALL. HAVE. FUN! Write in a dating disaster that you have had. Your marital status does not matter. But gender does matter. You have to be a lady. The panel of judges will give it a mark out of 10. The entry with the highest score gets a babydoll from Victoria’s secret.

Please send in your entries as comments on this post.


The Babydoll from Victoria’s secret




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  1. I have plenty ooo but lemme try and put down the worse of them all.

    I met Olu (not real name) on Legwork.A dating site years ago.
    We hit it off immediately and started dating.
    He was out of the country for 6months so it was just phone calls, chats and messages until he returned to the country.
    Fast forward to months later..
    Olu returned, I packed my bags and traveled to Lagos from calabar to see the love of my life. Lol! Chai

    on getting to Lagos, Bobo came and picked me from the airport.
    We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.
    Just as we were about to enter the real phase, He gets a phone call from his brother who said he was at the gate.
    We dress up hurriedly and went to wait for him in the living room!

    Mr . brother comes in and we to my eternal shame and indignation. .
    it turns out he is the same and only guy I had a 1night stand with!
    So some sins just couldn’t stay hidden!
    And worse. .
    I knew he’d tell his brother all the horrible details.
    I was so uncomfortable and had to confess afterwards after he left.
    Though Olu said he didn’t mind but I couldn’t see myself sleeping with 2brothers So I Had To Leave The Following Day!
    That ended the news!*Curtain falls?????

  2. Can it be fiction because I am a nun and I live in a convent. Lol. Lol.😀😀

  3. Can it be fiction?
    I am a nun and I live in a convent. Lol. Lol.😀😀

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