Friday Night Grooves – Classics Vs Remixes

Friday Night Grooves – Classics vs Remixes

Friday Night Grooves OSONDI OWENDI - Osadebe OSONDI OWENDI - Mc Loph ft Flavour MO SORI IRE - I.K. Dairo MO SO RIRE - Paul Play Dairo TAXI DRIVER - Bobby Benson & His Combo…

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On Ridiculous Testimonies

On Ridiculous Testimonies  - ‘The Machine gun is not konking’. My friend, Sandra sent me a short clip of a woman at a church giving a testimony. Apparently, the woman's husband’s ‘priv;ates’ had not worked for three weeks (only three weeks and she is running…

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On Micropen:is

I felt like having a full English breakfast on Friday. For my friends outside of Britain, this is breakfast consisting of fried eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, tomatoes, buttered toast or fried bread and tea. You know I did say…

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About This Blog

My blog is an extension of my Facebook. In much the same way that little children have invisible friends that they talk to, Facebook is my invisible friend. I talk about things that come to my mind in no particular…

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About Jopas Daughter

I am a carefree WYSI:WYG kind of person. I am married to my Lawyerman, have 3 kids, (one biological, one a present from my late sister and one a present from my husband). I am a full time law student,…

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