On Ridiculous Spirikoko

On ridiculous spirikoko

Ridiculous spirikoko I used to be spirikoko. And ridiculously so. SMH @ me of then. I would only date ‘brothers’ in the church. And in those days, there were plenty wolves in sheep’s clothing in the church. Brothers that would…

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On Packaging

On packaging

I like to tea'se Lawyerman by saying he did 'packaging’ for me when I first met him. I thought he was a quiet sombodi. Hian! Lol. But the thing is this – when it comes to packaging, guys do it…

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I’m back.

I'm back o. I apologise  for the break or  hiatus as Tobi would say. My laptop broke, I find blogging on a phone cumbersome and my iphone was on it's last legs. Anyway, Lawyerman finally upgraded me. So, now I…

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