Job Searches.

Tomorrow DV, I shall be pasting inbox messages of people who inbox me asking for help job hunting. I don't have jobs o. But if you inbox me tonight and tomorrow morning with a message of your experience and qualifications…

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Unfair Genetics.

Unfair genetics.

See the unfair genetics that I talk about? Jopa was a constant 75kg. He was able to wear clothes that he had worn in his 30s even at 50+. But he was big boned. So, he had big hands and…

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Rite Of Passage

Rite of passage

On rites of passage. I was 11 when it happened. I woke up to go and pee and the brand new white panties that Maami, my grandmother had just bought for me was soaked with blood. MAAAMIIII! I screamed! MO…

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