Rape Story

Raped by her own Uncle.

This post is a departure from our normal cheery posts. This victim of childhood wants to tell her story and we are giving her a platform. She wrote in on the back of the short story by my brother that we published on childhood victims of :s:ex:u’a:l abuse. We will also be referring her to a psychologist to check that she is not still affected by this experience. Do you have a story to tell? Please email us at bunmi@jopasdaughter.com. We assure you of confidentiality.

Hear her story.


I had a similar experience when I was growing up from my Uncle – my dad senior sister’s Husband whom I grew up with from age four. I remember he died wen I was in primary school, but I cant remember my exact age, but could not have been more than 10 years. I remember that  whenever when I slept if my Aunty went out, I would feel a heavy touch on me. Someone laying on my chest. Heaven knows I never knew anything about it then. I don’t even know what he was doing. The Only Bad Impact it took on me wish I can remember now was anytime I went to my parent’s place to do holidays and I bathed my kid brothers, I would want to practise it with them. I remember the day a neighbour’s son and I were caught under the tree during my holidays in my dad’s place. I was too young to know it was not done publicly if at all (hell was beaten outta me ) Fast forward to growing up and being in secondary school I used to have this crush on a ‘hi5 and I told him I was a Vi;rgin. I lived in Magodo then after my Aunt’s death. We didn’t go out, just Internet stuff . After my Secondary school I went back to My dad’s place and that’s when I was able to meet my old hi5 crush. I had my 1st s:e-x; at 19 and then he told me I wasn’t a virgin say shey Magodo ajebo kids too lose v:irginit:y like that. And that was when I had a flash back – my Uncle must have di:s’vi;rgi:ned me. He had raped me. I haven’t told anyone and this is my first time of talking about it. This is My deepest Secret (I would love to be Anon).

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  1. It’s been happening since 19gbogboro but thank God for the awareness. Sure, we will put a stop to child molestation. Weldone.

  2. Mehnn!!!!That’s why parents really need to handle the upbringing of their kids by themselves. All these uncle uncle thing me I don’t fancy fa!!!..The same way one uncle nearly killed me in Afikpo Ebonyi state during my boarding school days. Upon all the money 4 upkeep dad sends to him for my sake, this man will deny me breakfast and then lunch will be garri and epa..The only day I had the guts to confront him He showed me the shortest cut to hell but thank God it wasn’t my time yet. Then he concluded the beating with “Lazy youths are those that have breakfast” Vibrant ones face their studies. Hmmmm!!!!My five years in ICA Afikpo was hellish all through….Thank God we scaled narrowly.

  3. fine she didn’t know anything about sexual abuse then why didn’t she tell anyone or report her parent during her secondary school days.

  4. So sad a story,most abusers are close relatives. Reason I don’t subscribe to an uncle hugging or carrying my daughter in his laps.

  5. Most often families and close relations are the rapist, abusers.
    Please take measures to ensure letting go, because not letting go it damage on its own.
    Thank you for sharing

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